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Why Choose Therapy for Sleep Disorders?

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There are plenty of people suffering from sleep disorders in San Diego. Sleep disorders will not only affect your energy levels but they will also affect your overall health.

Many people are likely to reach for over the counter sleep medication when they suffer from a sleep disorder. However, medication has been found to be very ineffective in the long term and may even lead to addiction.

You should only use sleep medication sparingly for short term situations. The reason is that they will not cure the root of the problem or address the underlying symptoms of the disorder.

How Can Therapy Help?


Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you alleviate your sleep disorder by changing your bedtime behavior and also by addressing what mental issues prevent you from achieving quality sleep. Therapy focuses on increasing relaxation before bedtime and changing the lifestyle habits that affect your sleep patterns.

Because sleep disorders are often caused by and triggered by mental health problems like depression and anxiety, therapy is an effective solution for addressing the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

 There have now been several studies done that conclusively show therapy is more effective in treating sleep disorders than medication. These studies come from reputable sources including Harvard Medical School.

Therapy for Sleep Disorders

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the form of therapy most commonly used to treat sleep disorders. It may be conducted in either individual or group sessions. The following reasons are why you should choose therapy for sleep disorders instead of other approaches:

Customized Treatment

The majority of therapy sessions done to alleviate sleep disorders are done individually. The reason is, every person's sleep disorder is different.

Therefore, unlike prescription sleep medication which is the same for everybody, therapy offers treatment that is specifically tailored to treat your condition. The therapy will be designed to ensure your lifestyle changes lead to you getting adequate and refreshing sleep.

The length of the therapy will also depend on the type and extent of your sleep disorder. Such customized treatment is more effective in the long run for treating sleep disorders.

It Will Treat the Cause of the Sleep Disorder

Another reason you should choose behavioral therapy to treat your sleep disorder is that the root causes of the disorder will be addressed. When you address the cause, the symptoms will disappear.

Cognitive therapy will help you to identify and alter the negative beliefs and thoughts that cause your sleep disorders. On the other hand, behavioral therapy will help you change your sleeping habits and replace them with those that will help you sleep better.

Improve Overall Health

When you undergo therapy to change your behavior for better sleep, your therapist will recommend several lifestyle changes. Such changes may include changes in diet, exercise, and nighttime routine.

Most of these changes will not only help alleviate your sleep disorder but they will also help improve your overall health. Sleep quality and health are inextricably linked and these lifestyle changes will undoubtedly change your life.