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Why should you avoid dirty bulks?

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You need to avoid the dirty bulk because it is destroying your body and hormones. Let's find out why you should avoid dirty bulks.

It lowers testosterone level

If there is an increase in body fat, it will lower your testosterone level. Inside the fat tissues, testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen. It means the higher amount of body fat you have, the higher rate of this conversion and so you will have more female hormone in your body.

Testosterone is the single greatest factor in muscle growth and fat loss. This is the reason why many bodybuilders take anabolic steroids. If the testosterone levels are not at an optimal level, you will not be able to build muscle and burn body fat. Even if you spend hours in the gym working on your muscle, you will not be able to build muscle because of the problem with your testosterone levels.

Lower insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning


If you have dirty bulks in your body, it can cause several problems. Building muscle is directly related to insulin sensitivity. If your body is highly insulin sensitive, it will drive nutrients into muscle cells and thereby you'll be able to build more muscle and at a faster rate. On the other hand if your body is insulin resistant, it will drive nutrients into fat cells. You will need to pay attention to the quality of the food that you consume and the timing of your nutrients. Otherwise, it will harm your body's insulin sensitivity and thereby will lower the possibility of muscle gain and losing body fat.

Fat cell hyperplasia

Fat cells present in your body can be considered as little bags which hold body fat. If body fat increases in your body, those bags fill up but they can only hold so much fat. In that situation, to store the extra fat, your body will start creating new fat cells. While losing fat, your body cannot remove fat cells, it can only reduce the size of the existing fat cells. When new fat cells are added to your body, your body will be able to store more fat and losing fat will be much difficult for you. Even if you want to get lean in future by losing fat from your body, that can be very difficult for you because of fat cell hyperplasia, which is nothing but addition of more fat cells in your body.

Lower body fat levels is good for you

When you have lower body fat levels, it can help your body by contributing to a healthier immune system and less inflammation. If your immune system is stronger, you'll be able to keep away minor infections and serious diseases. And less inflammation in your body is also good for you because less inflammation means your joints will be much healthier and you will be able to train with more weights and loads.

When your immune system is stronger and you do not suffer from possibility of infections, diseases and injuries, you are likely to be in a position to train at the intensity and fought levels which will help you to gain more muscles and at the same time burn more calories.

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