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Wrist and Hand Pain Are Not Inevitable

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Avoidable Manual Pain Problems

Your wrists and hands might hurt because of how you position your hands while typing. However, they could also hurt because of arthritis or another long-term medical problem. Experienced Jersey City hand and wrist pain specialists could diagnose the problem and help you get back the full use of your hands. If you’re developing any sort of chronic medical issue, it’s important to get answers as quickly as possible.

Finding the Cause

Orthopedic physicians will use different techniques in order to understand what’s contributing to your wrist and hand pain. They might try to evaluate your level of grip strength. Many wrist and hand pain problems directly or indirectly relate to the area’s median nerve, so some tests will focus on the median nerve.

Different types of imaging technology can help orthopedic experts accurately determine exactly what’s causing a wrist or hand problem. Some experts examine the joints and bones using ultrasonic medical devices. It’s possible to get very clear readings using this process.


There are medical tests that specifically relate to nerve conduction velocity, which are used to determine whether or not any substantial nerve damage has occurred. Doctors might decide to run this test if they’ve determined that there is an issue with the median nerve. This might not be the only test that they’ll need.

If physicians suspect that a patient has gout, they might remove a fluid sample from the joints. They’ll use this test to determine whether or not the patient has started to develop uric acid crystals in the joints, which is the cause of gout.

If you’re worried that your joint pain is because of something like gout, it’s important to remember that joint pain itself is significantly more common than gout. Most people experience wrist pain at least sometimes, and it’s a symptom that can have a completely treatable root cause. You might be able to avoid some of the long-term side effects associated with a wide range of different medical conditions by getting your wrist pain or hand pain correctly diagnosed.

Wrist Pain Complications

The patients who aren’t able to get their manual joint pain addressed in time might suffer from permanent nerve damage. You might just have a much harder time using your hands in general. Patients will typically see orthopedic physicians after they’ve gotten to the point where their hands feel weak and numb, and they’re struggling with basic tasks. It’s always important to get the problem diagnosed at that point, or those symptoms will eventually be that much harder to treat.

You won’t necessarily have to change everything about how you use your hands on a regular basis in order to alleviate these symptoms. Orthopedic specialists understand that plenty of people have jobs that require them to perform certain repetitive hand motions consistently, and they can work around a patient’s requirements.

Manual Pain and Work

If you have a desk job and spend lots of time typing, you can get supports for your hands and wrists as they’re in the process of healing. Some orthopedic physicians will also recommend that you get a specialized wrist and hand brace. Steroid injections have helped other patients recover from prolonged periods of manual pain. Wrist and hand pain sufferers have numerous treatment options, but working through the pain on a daily basis isn’t the right choice.