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Mini band mistakes that you should avoid

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If you are using a mini band, you know all the benefits that you can get from mini bands within a short time. However, not all mini band workouts will work for you. If you want to get the best results from mini band workouts, you will need to understand the mistakes that you may make like other people and avoid those costly mistakes.

Mistake 1

Too fast or too slow repetitions

You need to understand that there are three toning phases for every one repetition. To complete one repetitions, you need to do the whole movement from start to finish. If you are doing squat or a push-up, to get the maximum benefit you need to see and understand the exercise first and then perform at as you should. You need to start at the starting point and finish at the finish line for each and every repetition.

The first part of the movement is known as the eccentric contraction. If you are doing squat, during this phase you will lower your body. The middle part of the movement is known as a static contraction. During a squat you give a little pause at the bottom of the squat. It is often seen that people skip this toning phase altogether. Do not do that. Give a pause before you go for the third part of the movement. The third part or the last part of the movement is known as concentric contraction. During this phase, you return to the starting position while performing the squat.


Many people make a mistake of doing their repetitions too fast. They want to finish their reps as quickly as possible. If you're doing that, you will not get the desired results.

Mistake 2

Following the wrong exercise order

This is another mistake that people make while performing mini band exercises. When you are sequencing your exercises, you can do so the right or the wrong way. Many people do it backwards where they target stubborn body parts fast. They do so because they believe this is the fastest way to fix those troubled areas. However, if you're doing this it will kill your progress, decrease your metabolism and burn less fat.

While performing help min band workout, you also need to train specific muscle groups in the same routine. Do not segregate them into different groups and do not mix them up with other muscle groups because that will reduce your results.

Mistake 3

No progression

Another crucial mistake that people do while performing mini band workouts is that they do not use any progression at all. You'll be able to know whether you are shipping toned muscle from your workouts or not by checking if you are getting stronger. Mini band strength training can provide you with body sculpting superpowers but many people an event trainers do not know about them. Many people use bands only as a warmup, cool down or a quick exercise. If you're doing that, you are leaving money on the table. In not getting the maximum benefit that you can achieve from your mini band workouts. If you're exercising with mini bands, it should be able to make you stronger, leaner, and tighten your skin and boost your metabolism.

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