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Start Looking Younger Today!


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Most of us want to fight those signs of aging but not everyone succeeds. The goods news is that with a bit of work you can make a real difference to the way you look and the way you feel.

Use Warm Tones to Hide Grey Hear

If you have a few grey hairs you should consider hiding them by using warm or golden tones. This can help your hair to look more natural than if it was a darker color. Many older celebrities color their hair this way as it helps them to retain that youthful look.

Find a color that suits you and don’t forget to visit your stylist at least once a month so your hair continues to look good.

Stop Thinking You’re Old!


One of my friends is a well-known singer and she’s always asked how she stays looking so young. One of the responses she gives us “Don’t think about your age but look after yourself”. My friend is not old but is of an age where people would expect to see some signs of aging.

If you think you’re old you’re more likely to dress and act like you’re old. My friend does not, she simply acts classy and dresses in a style that suits her. Forget how old you are and how you think you should act. Look after yourself but don’t let your age limit you.

Make your Eyebrows Look Thicker

Almost any anti-aging doctor will tell you that thicker eyebrows are a sign of youth. As we get older our eyebrows become thinner but you don’t have to put up with thin brows! Use a pencil, powder, or a formula to fill in the gaps in each eyebrow. Make sure your brows look defined as this can add shape to your face. Don’t forget to use a natural looking color that works with your skin tone and your hair.

Consider Having Bangs

When you were a child it’s quite likely that you had bangs (also known as a “Fringe”). Bangs that are low can help to hide the signs of aging as they can hide those fine lines and wrinkles. Make sure your bangs have layers so that they move. Stiff bangs can look like you’re wearing a helmet.

Drink More Water

Water does not only help you stay hydrated but it can also help you to look younger. This is because dehydrated skin can look thin and old. It’s also more likely to be full of toxins, so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

It is possible for you to start looking younger. Make sure you use warm tones to hide any grey hair. Stop thinking that you’re old as you’re more likely to act and look old. Thicken those eyebrows and consider having bangs. Lastly, make sure you drink enough water so your skin stays looking young. With a little bit of work, you can start reversing the years and look younger once more.