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Surrogacy in Ukraine

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Surrogacy is an auxiliary technology in which a woman voluntarily becomes pregnant to deliver and give birth to a baby who is biologically alien to her and will be later given to the genetic parents.

The first successful surrogate motherhood was carried out in the United States in 1986. Within 9 years, this technology came to Ukraine when a woman from Kharkiv decided to try surrogacy.

It should be noted that surrogate motherhood is strictly banned in most countries, including even some states of America. There were cases where foreign parents were not able to take the child home because of the national legislation. Ukraine, however, has become one of the world centers of surrogacy. Society’s attitude to such procedures is quite ambiguous, but it exists in the legal field, moreover, is publicly advertised.


Despite the common stereotype that most women agreeing to this step are poor, in fact the major reason is usually certain circumstances under which a person needs a large sum of money. There is a direct reward for the birth of a healthy baby as well.

It is particularly important to read attentively all clauses of the contract, for various conditions can be included in it. A woman should be sure that in case something goes wrong she will receive a financial help accordingly. Some believe, it is risky to constitute agreements in Ukraine but it is wrong. Surrogacy in Ukraine is a rapidly developing sphere and competent specialists in law firms ensure a guaranteed payoff and a legal defense in all unforeseen situations. Although, the cost of reproductive technology is reasonably high for it includes expensive procedures and medicine apart from the surrogate mother’s fee. In addition, these women need psychological support thus consultations with a specialist are a must.

Importantly, a surrogate mother is forbidden to contact with her” child and even know where they are.