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Fast Weight Loss: How To Do It Safely

fast weight loss

Few would disagree that weight loss is a topic that is never going to quieten down. It’s something that has been in the news for years – and we’re pretty sure this is going to remain constant for the next few years as well.

However, particularly now we are in the era of instant-information, the same thoughts seem to be doing the rounds about weight loss. In other words, we are all desperate to shed the pounds in lightning speeds – but this isn’t always a safe bet. Not only that, but it can throw your body’s proportions completely out, which is one of the reasons we have seen a rise in popularity of the breast augmentation procedure.

Bearing this in mind, today’s article will take a look at some of the ways you can lose weight quickly – but in a completely safe manner.

Rid your diet of sugars and starch

If we were to deliver just one dietary piece of advice today, it would revolve around sugars and starch. As we all know, the former has grabbed a lot of headlines over the years, unfortunately for bad reasons.

Both of these food types can wreak havoc with your cravings. Your hunger levels will be on a rollercoaster ride and ultimately, you will be more tempted to dip into foods that you really shouldn’t be turning to.

Then, there are of course the direct repercussions. In other words, both can be stored as fats in the body, and this isn’t what anybody wants.

Start to lift weights

For years, we were told that cardio exercise was the best route to staying thin. As it turns out, there’s an even better way.

It has now come to light that resistance training isn’t just for budding bodybuilders, but also anyone else who wants to shed a few pounds.

What’s the reason behind this? Put simply, it’s all about your metabolism. This is something that is going to work so much harder following a weight training session, meaning that you will be burning calories all through the day.

How much weight training should you be aiming for? Aim for three times per week to start with.

Make water one of your top priorities

Fortunately, the authorities have started to become more forceful when it comes to their hydration recommendations. The official advice is eight cups of water per day, but generally speaking, if you can increase this figure you will reap so many more rewards.

If you find yourself hydrated, you are opening up a whole can of problems. Firstly, fatigue becomes common – and this is the exact thing that you need to avoid as you bid to put together a calorie-burning weight training session. Then, there is the cravings-factor. When you are dehydrated you are more likely to turn to the wrong foods; it’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger.

As a result, always keep a big bottle of water next to you. It will help your weight loss journey substantially – it will boost the results by 44% over a three-month period if a recent study is to be believed.