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The Pros and Cons of Gainswave Therapy to Treat ED


Suffers of erectile dysfunction have, until very recently, had basically one medical option for treating erectile dysfunction: pharmaceuticals. While lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise regimens, have also produced success for many men, at the clinical level, pills like Viagra and Cialis have been mainstays.

Gainswave therapy is a new clinical treatment for ED that uses pulse waves to help increase blood flow and addresses the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. It has been hailed as revolutionary, but as with any clinical treatment, there are pros and cons to consider. Below are some to keep in mind as you further explore gainswave.

Pro 1: It is pill free

While pills have certainly helped many millions of men, there is a reason they are only available with a doctor’s prescription. After taking a pill like Viagra, many men experience flushing and redness, and even sustained, often painful erections for more than four hours.

Gainswave is pill free. It uses low-intensity shock waves to break up micro-plaque and to prompt a process of blood vessel regrowth. This happens because the waves help to spur on micro-inflammation, which releases the vasodilator chemical nitric oxide (the same chemical your body produces in response to Viagra and Cialis).

Pro 2: It is proven

The effectiveness of Gainswave Therapy isn’t just theoretical, it has been proven. It has been shown to be effective at reversing ED in 75 percent of cases where ED is due to poor blood flow.

The key here is the word “reverse.” Pills don’t reverse erectile dysfunction, they just temporarily alter your biochemistry so that it is easier to get and maintain erection. Gainswave is potentially much more long-term than traditional pharmaceutical treatments.

Con 1: It isn’t effective for all types of ED

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated condition, and the underlying causes are varied. Stress and anxiety, low testosterone, and other medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension can impede a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. Gainswave is only meant for ED caused by poor blood flow. It is, therefore, somewhat restricted in the kinds of ED it is able to address.

Con 2: it is typically slow acting

While the session itself may only take between 10 and 15 minutes, Gainswave requires patience and attrition. You may need to return anywhere from 6 to 12 times for treatment sessions in order to see the optimal, and desired effect.

Some practitioners of the therapy will recommend concurrent treatments, and/or something like a vacuum pump to help with the process. All of this makes Gainswave a significant investment, though certainly a worthwhile one.

Gainswave, despite being limited by the kind of ED it is capable of addressing, and requiring patience and repetition, is the most revolutionary ED treatment in years. It is pill-less, painless, and can provide men with long-lasting effects, making big improvements to quality of life. If you are considering Gainswave Therapy, and can’t decide if it is right for you, keep the above pros and cons in mind and make an informed decision.