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Tips for building the perfect physique

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If you want to build a perfect physique the following tips will help you to do so.

Wake up

A proper warm-up is very important and is often considered as the backbone of any workout. It is necessary for you because it will get your blood flowing and will raise your body temperature. The right warm-up will help you to lift more weight and perform your exercises better. If you do not warm-up and wake up your body, there may be disasters like premature fatigue and injury. That is why, you need to start up your workouts with a solid warm-up and then you can expect better results from the workouts you are doing.

Lift big

If you want to create the perfect physique, then you will need to lift big. Big compound movements should be the main focus of your program. That left, squat, bench press are the most important exercises for you which will help you by increasing growth and testosterone hormone levels and they will result in accelerated muscle growth and greater fitness gains. Compound movements will also recruit loss of muscle fibers and as a result of that you will spend higher energy and fat loss will happen. Building more muscle while losing more fat is the recipe for creating the greatest physique you can have for yourself and lifting big will help you to achieve both at the same time.

Good form

While exercising, it is very important for you to maintain good form. One of the main root causes of injury is bad form. And if you have a deformed or not so natural part of your body because of wrong form while exercising, how can you achieve the greatest physique? Whether it's fidgeting, and arched back for the rest of the bad signs, if your form is not correct, it can result in disastrous results for you. Since from the beginning of your training it is very important for you to ensure that you are creating good form patterns in your training to avoid any physical problem. You can achieve better form by learning the technicals before you start your training. You can learn from the experts, ask for feedback and be open to it. You can always hire a personal trainer as that will help you to develop and keep good form.

Free weights

If you want to create the greatest physique that you can have, it is always better for you to exercise with free weights instead of fixed machines. It is so because free weights will result in greater muscle activation and that will cause greater muscle growth. Free weights are easier to use, convenient and they can help you to develop good form patterns. When you learn with free weights, they will help you to prevent injury and blast through performance plateaus. That is why; you need to stop using the machines and start using free weights to get better results with the right form.

Time under tension

Muscle growth is dependent on the amount of time a muscle needs to work an exercise. It is called as time under tension. The ideal time under tension for maximum muscle growth is 40 to 60 seconds. If you do too little, you will not create much tension. If you do too much, you will risk over training your muscles. That is why, it'll be better for you to ensure that while exercising, the time under tension for different exercises is within 40 to 60 seconds.


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