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Why Use CBD Spray for Dogs?

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If you have a dog that is old, or middle-aged, you may have noticed that their health begins to deteriorate and they may face physical and mental health disorders. CBD spray help dogs feel calm and also provide relief from pain.

How does the CBD spray work?

CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis species, and this includes hemp and marijuana. However, CBD does cause any high or intoxication as this feeling is generated by another component in the cannabis plant known as THC. Therefore, you can give this product to your pets without any fear of adverse effects that may cause them harm. Dogs, just like humans, react the same way to CBD; it affects the pain receptors in the brain. Therefore, providing relief to various areas in your body like the immune system, central nervous system, and affected organs.

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Benefits of CBD spray for dogs:

CBD sprays and other products have many benefits for dogs that will help with their physical and mental well-being. These benefits are pretty great as well, and you would want nothing but the best for your furry babies. Many pet parents prefer to go for natural remedies as they have little to no side effects; at least nothing that will make the pet's condition worse. CBD products have managed to create a whole new landscape of pet care products, especially for people who want to invest in organic products.

Treating epilepsy and seizures:

Pet parents usually opt for CBD oils and sprays if their canine gets epileptic fits. High doses of CBD medication will help reduce the intensity and frequency of the episodes. As time goes by, it's known that the frequency of the episodes tend to reduce and, in some cases, the seizures disappear altogether.

Pain relief:

Many dogs over the age of 12 tend to have brittle bones and weak joints. Some even get diagnosed with arthritis but CBD can help with this condition. Dogs suffer from chronic pain too, and it mostly comes with age. CBD acts as a good pain reliever because it affects the inflamed joints and provides your pet with some much-needed relief. It also soothes the relentless pain that comes with chronic inflammation, thereby helping the healing process and keeping your pet pain-free.

Increase in Appetite:

It's quite difficult to know the reason behind a dog's loss of appetite. Most times, it can be a digestive issue; either they are experiencing nausea, or they have a stomach bug. When you look at it from a human's perspective, we will not eat something because of digestive diseases and that can be the case for your dog as well. CBD sprays are helpful in providing relief to any digestive issues your dog may have.

Anxiety is reduced:

Suffering from anxiety is horrid, and if you have ever gone through an anxiety episode, you will know how badly it affects your physical and mental state. It's equally bad for your pet as well. Dogs suffer from anxiety episodes as well; if left untreated, they go through depression too. Usually, a dog's anxiety hits its peak when the owner is not with it. Due to this, a dog can act out in various ways, like chewing on footwear, ripping apart furniture items like cushions, and causing themselves self-harm by excessively chewing on their paws till they bleed; in extreme situations, they can even urinate all over the house. CBD sprays are good for anxiety-ridden pets because it helps calm them down by acting as a relaxing stimulant.

Reduces the spread of cancer:

Watching your pet get diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking, they go through similar symptoms like humans; signs are inclusive of nausea, no appetite, and recurring pain. By providing your pet with CBD, they will feel comfortable and sense some relief from the recurring pain that comes with the disease.

Pet parents are also giving their healthy pets a small dose of CBD as a routine because it's known to prevent the onset of cancer in the future.

Other diseases that are CBD can help with are-

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Heart diseases


Many pet parents are unsure whether CBD will really help their pets, but you can rest assured that CBD sprays have had a positive impact on dogs with its wonderful benefits, thereby providing them with a pain-free, relaxing lifestyle.