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Electronic Cigarettes are Saving Lives – A Few Statistics to Motivate You

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The Federal Drug Administration's two-part nicotine strategy for regulation of tobacco alternative products “ i) to diminish the appeal of combustible tobacco cigarettes and, ii) to increase the availability of alternative nicotine products to the addicted smokers, was supported by the much-awaited NASEM report on e-cigs. With the present state of the countries like US and UK where there are increasingly large numbers of smokers, among whom half of them are expected to die of smoking-related diseases, there is an emergency to assist smokers with the best possible alternatives. Steps need to be taken to prevent this outcome.

Other combustible products along with tobacco cigarettes are more harmful than the nicotine and tobacco products which are non-combustible like the e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes can save your life as there is no smoke involved. The keystone of the approach taken by FDA is that smoking is mainly responsible for causing the harm and hence smokers should have enough ˜less harmful' products containing nicotine at their disposal, if at all they wish to continue with their habit of consuming nicotine.

If you take a careful look at the report produced by the FDA, you will reach the following conclusions which are all based on evidences:

  • E-cigarettes are unquestionably less harmful than the lethal smoke released from tobacco cigarettes
  • Till date, there is no such evidence which proves that long term usage of e-cigarettes have led to a damage to the lungs and hearts of vapers
  • Use of electronic cigarettes has successfully assisted many smokers to quit smoking totally
  • Using electronic cigarettes can help smokers diminish the risk of few lethal diseases
  • E-cigs can also alleviate the risk of developing fatal diseases in smokers who won't quit smoking or who can't quit smoking for good

This is the time to act!

After combating the tobacco epidemic for the last 5 decades, the federal regulations now have harm reduction methods to avert the massacre in the form of premature deaths. So, now is the time to act and take proactive steps. The regulation of nicotine and tobacco products as per their relative risk has to be approached by the authorities. Smokers need to be educated on the fact that nicotine that is delivered sans smoke is a less injurious option and that there are huge differences in the risk posed by various products. Regulations should be pursued to allow the smokers to switch totally to the non-combustible products like e-cigarettes.

Most smokers are horribly misled to believe that vaping is equally harmful as smoking thereby barring them from making the switch. However, this is far from being true. Vapers should do their homework and do a comprehensive research to choose the lesser of the two evils.