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Anabolic running and growth hormone


The wrong running workouts

When you want to lose weight and stay fit, you may go for a good running workout. But that is the problem. Finding a good running workout can be difficult and if you choose a wrong running workout, it can cause different problems for you. If you are doing the wrong running workouts, they are probably secretly sabotaging your fitness levels, adding more belly fat to your body and killing your testosterone production.

If you're doing the wrong running workouts, it can make you look worse than you were before.

Anabolic running

Anabolic running can do wonders for you. It is possible to increase growth hormone several times with the help of anabolic running. Besides that it is possible to build more muscle, lose belly fat, increase your overall fitness and produce more testosterone.

Testosterone is very important for you as a man. If you want to rule your bedroom, if you want more vigour, a ripped and a vascular body, you will need more testosterone.

How to run without destroying your testosterone

Anabolic running is a quick running system and you will be able to get results within a short time. It includes very brief burst of physical activity and energy. Anabolic running mainly focuses on science behind anabolic training in relation to testosterone, the HGH and nitric oxide.

Long-distance running is considered too low testosterone in male long-distance runner. It will not only affect your sex life negatively, but will also make create problem with muscle retention, overall health, muscle growth and bone strength. It happens because testosterone is necessary for all of them.

Testosterone naturally starts to significantly drop after the age of 30 years. Your body starts to decline its ability to generate the hormone testosterone by the age of 30. When you run, it adds oxidative stress to your body and if you are having a diet that is full of chemicals, it will reduce your body's ability to create testosterone. Running will add more and more damage to your body if you continue to run for long duration and long-distance. Anabolic running is different from general running.

It doesn't mean that you should stop running but you need to know what you should do. There are specific methods that you can use when training which will not create problems in your life. Heavy training will affect your testosterone levels and if you have low testosterone, you will have many problems including chronic fatigue. Some of the symptoms of low testosterone which is known as hypogonadism include

  • proneness to injury
  • increase in body fat percentages
  • hair loss
  • low bone density
  • lack of energy and fatigue
  • loss of muscle mass
  • low sex drive
  • mood changes

It's easy to see how anabolic running can help you by looking at a sprinter. A long-distance runner and a sprinter will look and feel different. The long-distance runner is in a catabolic running state hand the sprinter is in an anabolic running state. The sprinter has more muscle mass and the long-distance endurance runner has low bone density and low testosterone.

There are different ways that you can use even when running long-distance to ensure that your testosterone production is not hampered. Anabolic running in such a way which will help you to increase your testosterone levels instead of reducing it whether you are training for short distance long-distance running.


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