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Tips for Better Brain and Spine Health

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Technological advances in healthcare are allowing people to monitor their health outside of the hospital via their cell phones. Combine this with the advancements in treatment options and people are living longer. However, if you're living longer you want those extra years to be enjoyable and worthwhile.

That means you need to take care of your body, particularly your brain and spine. Fortunately there are several ways in which you can do this. But, before you implement any changes it's a good idea to visit a reputable spine surgeon and have your spine checked out. This will help to ensure you are taking the right steps and dealing with any issues.

Stop Smoking


Smoking is generally considered to be bad for your health. It is also considered to be bad for your spine and brain. In short smoking kills cells which are not good for your brain. Research also shows that smokers are more likely to suffer from spinal pain; they also heal slower increasing the chances of a repeat injury.


Adopting the correct posture will really help to ease any pain you're experiencing in your spine. It's easy to improve your posture by simply focusing on it.

Start by concentrating on the way you stand, walk and even sit.

Once you're happy that you've got this right you can add in some light exercise; this won't just improve your posture. It will also improve blood flow and your cardiovascular health.

If you're not sure what exercise to do then choose one that you think you'll enjoy; yoga is a great starting point.

You should also consider any strength and stretching programs / classes that you can find in your vicinity.


You need to start eating the same sort of diet as people that live in the Mediterranean. This means using olive oil, plenty of fish, vegetables, cereals and legumes. The odd glass of red is good as well. It is worth noting that this means alcohol in moderation; not all the time.

This type of diet will improve your heart function and ensure your brain is getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Eating properly isn't just good for your spine and brain; it will also benefit your entire body.


Just as exercise is great for increasing blood flow and boosting your metabolism you can also keep your brain healthy by doing daily puzzles. These can be the daily crosswords, a Sudoku challenge or any other type of puzzle. Forcing your brain to work out the solution keeps it active which promotes a healthy brain.

Monitor Your Health

You know it's important to stay in shape and eat healthily; this can ward off age related diseases. You should also regularly have tests done to check your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. This will help you to keep track of the condition of your brain and spine; allowing you to change your approach as and when necessary.

It is also worth reading the side effects on any medicines you are taking; they might not be good for your brain and spine health. If you have any concerns speak to your sine doctor.