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How To Battle And Prevent Back Pains When You Are Sitting All Day

Do you work a profession where you find yourself sitting most of the day? Maybe you drive a bus. Maybe you are an office worker. Whatever the situation is, did you know that your chances of developing back pains are much greater than someone that lugs and hauls heavy items around all day? That's right, and research that can be dated back to the 1950s shows that there is a direct correlation between lower back pain and sitting. Bus drivers were also found to be twice as likely to have a heart attack when compared to the conductors on the same bus. With such a large number of professions that require sitting all day, it is now more important than ever to learn how you can battle these conditions.



Be Sure To Stand Up

Now, as a bus driver, it might be hard for you to simply stand up whenever you want, but you can always stand when you make a stop to pick someone up or drop him or her off. However, office workers are more at an advantage in the stand-up field. Not only can they stand up whenever they want, but there are special desks available that are designed to adjust from the sitting to the standing position. Consider bringing this up with your boss and explain your reasoning for the desk. Of course, you don't have to stand all day, but two hours a day should be sufficient. Studies also show that people who stand when they work are much more productive. This would be another good point to rise to your boss.

Consider A Good Seat Cushion

There are a number of cushions that are specifically designed to help prevent and aid in keeping back pain symptoms at bay. These cushions are designed in a unique manner which helps you promote better posture and seating positions, which usually is the root cause of back pain. These cushions are also designed with memory foam. One such cushion that can really help with lower back pain is the coccyx cushion.

Get Moving

It is true that standing will help engage your muscles and improve your overall posture, but you are still just left standing there. You might even be hunched over a little, which isn't going to do your back any favors. This is why you need to get moving. This will be much easier for office workers than bus drivers, but you can set an alarm to remind you to get up and move about every thirty minutes. When the alarm goes off just simply get up and walk around for two minutes. Maybe walk around the desk or just simply get up and walk to the bathroom if you are concerned with what others will think. Studies show that a two-minute break can help improve your overall concentration so don't think or it like you are wasting time or being counterproductive.

Get An Exercise Routine

How much exercise are you currently getting? You probably already know that you should be exercising, but aren't doing it. Well, you might after you learn that just one-hour of exercise cancels out eight hours of sitting. That is pretty much an entire workday for most individuals. Exercise doesn't have to be something that is dreadful, you can simply choose an activity that you enjoy and commit yourself to i. A simple walk or bike ride could be just the very thing that you need. This could be something that you do during your lunch break or at least you could do half of it and finish the other thirty minutes after work.

Practice Good Posture

So far it seems like office workers have better options than bus drivers. However, when it comes to posture office workers are at a huge disadvantage. Sitting hunched over a computer not only strains your back, but it strains your neck as well. This is why it is more important than ever to learn to catch yourself when you are practicing bad posturing. The key is to set your chair to the correct height and keep your eyes level with the computer screen while your feet are flat on the floor with your elbows on the desk.