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Attracting New Leads with a Personal Approach: 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Strategies Every Dental Services Professional Should Employ

Some dental service professionals feel that marketing their businesses on social media is unimportant. However, the reality is that these days, social media marketing is critical for your business regardless of what it is. Social media is where the broadest group of people spend their time, and it easier to reach them on the various platforms than through TV, radio, billboards, or any other older or outdated forms of advertising. These are strategies of which dental service professionals should be aware and which they should be employing.


Facebook Advertising


Facebook is the social media platform that has the most daily engagement the world over. Because of that, allocating money for ads on Facebook should be a priority for dentist offices and other dental professionals. There are many sorts of ads on Facebook, and they are a tactic that is guaranteed to direct some eyeballs to your site and expand your brand. Whether you just opened in a new market or you have a long-established practice, your social media marketing plan needs to include Facebook.


Google Advertising


You also need to be advertising with Google. Google is the search engine that dominates the market. People are much more inclined to use it than they are any of the alternatives. You can pay for ads for your practice that appear when people in your geographic region input specific keywords or phrases into Google. People pay attention to the options that come up when they do a local search with Google for goods and services, and a dental office is no exception to that rule.


Spreading Your Content


Your dental practice might be using several social media platforms to try and get the word out that you’re open for business. You should produce new content frequently and send it out across all of your channels. You can make videos that show the right way to brush and floss, for instance, or you can write blogs about dental health that people might find helpful. This will increase awareness of your practice.


Games and Contests


People enjoy playing games and entering contests on social media, and if you sponsor a game or a giveaway, it can get people excited about your brand and possibly bring in some new customers. All you need to do is come up with a prize that people are going to want. Perhaps a grab bag of free dental care products would be in order, or an electric toothbrush.


YouTube Channel


YouTube gets huge engagement numbers because people love to watch videos. You should establish a YouTube channel for your dental practice. You can feature videos that show tours of your office, or you can explain what you’re doing to assuage the fears of people who are wary of getting their teeth cleaned. YouTube is another way that you can make the people in your area aware of your brand. Just be sure that the videos are of professional quality because it reflects better on you that way.


You have the opportunity to secure successful dental marketing with Patient Prism or similar services, or you can attempt to spearhead the initiative yourself. One way or another, though, you need to get on social media for your dental practice if you’re not on there yet. It makes a ton of difference.