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Magenta Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try 2018




Magenta hair colour is a mixture of pale red, cobalt or purple. Magenta colours are a little bright and conspicuous, but can choose on the level of brightness you require in your tresses colour by utilising an ombre method and picking the blend of red or purple.

Nonetheless, for the women always on the go, should opt for an option that is more natural. There are a variety of colours within the magenta hair colour spectrum, so select the one that complements your eye hue and complexion. Browse down for more.



1. Stylish Formal Updo

This pink hairstyle can be worn in any official setting. The important thing is to let the hue make the statement by choosing a classic hairdo. If you want a vibrant colour, go for a luscious chignon with subtle details.

2. Audacious Messy Bun

Magenta hair looks great on blonde and dark hair, and also on fair to dark skin tones. The high bun is the decisive casual warm style that you can rock on during your weekends and night dates.


3. Ombre Ponytail Wig

Settling on one specific colour is difficult- not only will it compel you to work on your hair several times, but would also have to keep us with that colour, which is in most cases the best thing to for black hair. However, there is an easy way out-wig! The wigs give ladies the versatility to try with different chic looks without dedicating too much of your time on styling

4.Colourful Cornrows

This is a blend style and ideal for girlie looks. The lustrous pastel blue with bright violet base and rough straight back locks are a typical modern girl haircut for your nest chic look.

5. Unicorn Down-do

Every lady is falling in love with this mysterious-based hair hue; unicorns, mermaid and much more. Though you are looking to embrace the dramatical side of life, you should adhere to the fundamental rules of applying the colours by creating dimension and depth. This look can also be accomplished with purple, teal, magenta hair colours among other shades.


6. Red-faced Bride

Not all women love the idea of blending the hair, so why should they do it on their elephant day? Even if you opt for your vintage dress or tops, you can also show off with the magenta coloured haircut. Make it even more unique with beads, flowers and any beautiful accessory that you choose.


7. Plaited Half-Updo

Only shortcoming of dyeing your tresses with a solid hue is that it may accentuate elongated thin locks.  To avoid this unnecessary attention, you can add some texture. The fishtail braid will come up with an enhanced dimension. Also, it is an excellent alternative to the standard ponytail.


8.Multi-Coloured Lob

Magenta red mane is an unusual mixture of red and violet tones that culminates into a multi-hued accents effect. Applying so many colours on your hair can be damaging, so before you start, consult with your colourist about the potential dangers and if she gives you a go ahead, remember correct hair treatment methods after the transformation.


9. Candy Layered Curls

Magenta accents are a guaranteed way to enhance dimension to a hairdo coloured in pastel. They are not as intolerable as grey roots and also mix perfectly into a gorgeous look. Curls make the shades visible in different colours at different angles.

10. Purplish-blue to Magenta Colour Melt

This magenta hair shade doesn't only look exciting, but it is also ideal for the women with sleek straight tresses. The grey roots give an impression of a fuller hair. Employing the melting shade technique ensures complete blending of the two colours correctly.


11. Loosely Interwoven Curls

There are many ways you can accomplish magenta purple hair such as from ombre to duo-tone and the highlights. By incorporating purple into red colour and pink, the entire look can be darkened and made to look cooler-more toned. This makes the hue extra wearable for many different skin tones and complexions.



12. Bob with Cheerful Yellow

Upgrade your bob with a chic flair of magenta hair shade. While many women blend magenta with blue, pink or red, yellow equally gives a magical contrast. It is an ideal style for the ladies who love to be unique and badass.

13. Long Fiery Spirals

The magenta red colour has the capability to change even the finest haircut. Singly, this wavy look may appear too overdone or juvenile, but the vibrant colour enhances the coolness required to make the style girlish and on the trend.


14. Whimsical Waves

In hair styling, we never estimate the impact that can be created by finer details. They can make any style extraordinary. For instance, the gorgeous lowlights and highlights in this haircut enhance depth and dimension that is not customarily brought up by the vibrant dye. The glossy curls give the movement.


15. Waves and Shaved Designs

Magenta hair is astounding, but if you reside and work in a community which is artistically oriented, it might not be revolutionary. Give it some upgrade with an undertone a shaved portion. This gives you an opportunity to etch styles and dimensions into your cut and make it special.

16. Audacious Rose Bob

Though bobs are standard hairstyles, they can be really annoying if you wear them for so long. This is because they take some time to grow the length to get a new chic look. So, opt for a dye to give your hairstyle an instant facelift.


17. Tousled Two-Toned Waves

If you have a light magenta Ombre, and you also need to blend pink and violet into your cut, why not go for a defined half-half-look? It will surely stand out, to ensure you pull off this style with a lot of courage-it will accomplish more than thrice takes.

18, Long and Sexy

Magenta hair colour is not hard to wear as it appears. With colours ranging from wine red to pink and soft rose, there is a choice for any personality.