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Top Strains To Help Treat Some Medical Conditions

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It is hard to deny that marijuana has come a long way over the past decade. While it has always been a highly debated top, more and more individuals are starting to see it in a different light. What once used to be considered a destructive and gateway drug is now being looked at as a medical cure for a variety of serious health conditions. That being said, there really are tons and tons of marijuana strains available out there on the market, but which ones are more effective at treating certain conditions? That is exactly what you are going to learn below.


Charlotte's Web, Not The Book


Charlotte's Web is without a doubt one of the most recognized strains available on the market right now. And, this probably has something to do with its powerful abilities to treat seizures along with a variety of other medical conditions. In addition to this, it has been medically proven not to have any kind of major effect on the brain. How is that possible? Well, it only contains a miniscule amount of THC, just right around 0.3 percent. The low THC content and large presence of CBD gives it the ability to produce great medical benefits without producing that high. In fact, Charlotte's Web has legally bee declared hemp, which is making it even more accessible for the individuals that need it.


Take Advantage Of Cannatonic


Cannatonic is another strain that is low in THC content and high in CBD. However, it still contains quite a bit more THC than Charlotte's Web, as it usually ranks in at right around 6 percent. So, you can expect to get a high when partaking in this strain, buy it will be more focusing and less cloudy. The CBD percentage content can vary depending on where you are shopping. That being said, it can usually range anywhere from six to seventeen percent. Cannatonic was specifically engineered to help individuals manage seizures, epilepsy, chronic pain, muscles spasms, headaches, migraines, and fatigue. To discover more about this medically potent strain you can visit CannaSOS.com.


Yes, The Northern Lights


The Northern Lights are a truly beautiful sight and so is this powerful and potent strain. This strain is extremely well known and popular, as just about every legal dispensary out there carries it. It is a potent blend of Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica with THC levels that can vary from 16 to 21 percent. However, the CBD levels are extremely low, but that doesn't mean that this strain doesn't come packed with some powerful medical benefits. When partaking in Northern Lights insomnia, sleeplessness, lack or appetite, depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, joint pain, headaches, or muscles spasms will no longer be an issue.


Get Your Monthly Girl Scout Cookies


With a name like Girl Scout Cookies you know this strain is going to be delicious and tasty. Once again the CBD content is low, but the THC levels are powering at 17 to 28 percent. This stain will certainly have an extreme effect on the body and mind. Extremely well know for numbing some uncomfortable experiences and situations. In fact, this strain can treat everything from migraines to arthritis.