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Foods that will make you look younger


Food has a direct relationship with how you feel and look. If you want to look younger, besides exercising and having a healthy lifestyle, the food that you eat can also play a big role. The following foods can help you to look younger than you are.


Watermelon can help you to look younger. Especially during the hot summer months, if you eat more watermelon, it will help you to look younger. They are full of water and so you will add only if you calories while hydrating yourself thoroughly. It will increase your water intake but will not increase your weight or add more fat to your body. That alone will help you to reduce the signs of ageing. You will also feel better internally. Since you are adding more water to your body, your skin's elasticity will improve. There will be more collagen production and as a result of that you will have fewer marks, dimples and lines on your skin. Stretch marks and wrinkles will not appear.

The redness of watermelon comes from an antioxidant known as lycopene. It prevents UV rays from damaging your skin and as a result of that you will not have to suffer from sunburn. That means your skin will not be damaged.


If you want to look younger, you will need to eat more lobsters. Lobster contains lots of zinc which will help you in reduction of symptoms of skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. As a result of that acne and other signs of ageing will be reduced. Zinc will help you to renew skin cells. Your skin cells nature really die after some time and so reason addition of those skin cells is very important and Zinc will help you to do that. Ageing happens when the regeneration of cells is hindered and slowed down. By boosting the renewal of skin cells and by preventing the cells from turning cancerous, you are improving the health of your skin and cells. If your skin cells are renewed regularly, the pores on your skin will not become blocked and then treatment of acne becomes easier.


Pomegranate is beneficial for you because it will add more vitamins C to your body. It is full of vitamins C and antioxidants. They will boost your immune system and it will make it easier for you to fight again different ailments. That will also help you to look several years younger. Vitamins C will make you look younger than you are. It will eliminate wrinkles and fine lines and will prevent them from appearing on your skin. Antioxidants are helpful for you as they fight against the free radicals which can damage your skin cells and disturb production of collagen. It also contains allagic said which helps you by reducing inflammation in the skin caused by UV damage.


Egg is a very much beneficial for you because it provides you with protein. Protein is very important for you if you want to look younger. Protein is necessary for building muscles, tendons and structures of your body. If you want to stay strong you will need to supply your body with enough protein because many of the parts of your body are made of protein and without protein they will wither away. If you do not find enough protein, the nails will snap and crack. It will look damaged in old and will make you look and feel old. Protein is also very essential for hair and skin cell growth and enough protein will ensure that you will 10 years younger.


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