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Reiki therapy for beginners

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Reiki therapy is an alternative healing methods. Reiki was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. Reiki promote healing by relaxing and reducing stress. Reiki uses different tools to increase the flow of life force energy in the body so as to clear the mental and emotional pollution that are interfering with life force energy and causing problems. They use laying on hands, mantras and blessings to do so.

Life force energy is high in your body and it flows through the body freely and unrestricted. When that happens life flows smoothly for you. But if it is low for some reason or if there is a blockage of the energy, you will suffer from physical and psychological problems in life.

Reiki therapy wants to help you to ensure free flow of the energy throughout the body so that you do not suffer from any problem at all.

The origin

The word Reiki comes from Rei which means God's wisdom or higher power and ki which means life force energy. So, Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy. If you are very much aware of your body, you'll be able to feel the flow of energy through it. You will also be able to feel a warm glow or radiance. Even if you don't feel any of these, you can still feel relaxed after a Reiki session.

Reiki is a model of spiritual or energy healing. Different types of diseases and conditions can be cured or improved using it. Since this is an alternative medical tool, it also complements the Western and other medical treatments. Reiki doesn't have any side effects and it makes your mind positive and happy which is very essential for any type of healing. Your mind is very critical in curing itself and preventing possible diseases and health situations. If there are pollutants like emotions such as anger, jealousy, feeling of unworthiness, depression, insecurity, guilt or resentment, they will pollute your life force energy which will manifest in different types of problems.

Since your body is a combination of physical body and your mind, so your mind has a very big influence on your overall health. Reiki works holistically to improve the real you without any emotional and physical pollutant or problem.

How does Reiki work

Reiki works by stimulating energy (Reiki) to move in your body. If the flow of life energy is somehow blocked or there is a problem somewhere which are stopping it from flowing freely, Reiki will eliminate such blocks and problems and allow your life force energy to move freely in the body. After Reiki treatment, you will feel the effects of energy being unblocked. While undergoing Reiki, for some time physical and psychological symptoms may seem to worsen but that happens because your mind and body cleanses itself. It is totally normal and it happens with everyone. You have to just get over it and the discomfort will pass and after that you will feel much better than before. You will need to support your body during this phase so that it can reach its objective by cleansing and unblocking the life force energy.

Reiki is simply cleaning the pollutants that prevent free energy flow. It does not direct the life force energy or manipulate it in any way.


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