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Avoid belly fat triggers to lose fat

There are some belly fat triggers which keep adding more fat in your belly and other parts of the body. Because of them it becomes difficult for you to lose fat and weight.

Belly fat trigger 1: Constant snacking

If you indulge in constant snacking, it can trigger your body to add more fat to your belly. When you do that, it will turn on your hunger hormones and will stall fat loss. Even if you are eating healthy, it will not help you.

Some experts may advise you to keep snacking on healthy foods throughout the day to keep your metabolism boosted but that can be counter-productive. If you constantly eat snacks throughout the day you will keep supplying your body with calories to be burned for fuel. So, when your body have the to burn for energy, it will never burn your stored fat as a result of that the stored fat will pile up around your belly, thighs and arms.

When you constantly eat something throughout the day, it will increase your hunger hormones and as a result of that you will crave more food even when you're not hungry. If you keep eating more and more food, what will happen to your body? Your body will keep storing more and more fat at different parts and you will not be able to lose any weight even though you try very hard.

Belly fat trigger 2: Long workouts slow down fat burning

Another myth that you probably believe is that you need to do these long, slow cardio workouts if you want to burn belly fat. This is a myth and a lie. You do not need long hours of cardio workouts if you want to burn more fat. Only cardio exercises cannot help you to burn more fat. If you indulge in such activities, the long and slow high-impact workouts will your own your knees, ankles and joints and will put too much pressure on your heart and organs. As a result of that fat burning will slow down. Such exercises may also lead to injury.

Instead of that, you need a simple solution that will work with your body's natural fat burning cycles. If your body has a natural fat burning cycle, instead of working against it, you need to ensure that you are working with it. You don't have to spend hours in the gym which will not only steal lots of your time but will also create wear and tear on your body and make you age faster.

Belly fat trigger 3: Dieting doesn't help you

When you are trying to lose fat from your body, specially the belly area and also trying to lose weight, dieting will not help you to do so. Rather it will cause problems for you by turning on your stress sensors and destroying your metabolism. 90% of the diet fail because they put extreme stress on your body and internal organs. When you go on diet, it can ruin your metabolism and at the same time turn on stress sensors because you are putting your body to stress by cutting calories and eating extremely small portions. This can send a signal to your brain and your brain will try to hold on to every last bond of fat on your body. If that happens your body will not burn any more fat however hard you try to do that.


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