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Weak ejaculation and its causes


Weak ejaculation

It means you are not able to ejaculate with as much force as you used to. This can happen because you are growing older. When you become older, your muscles become weak eyesight is weaken and similarly the strength and volume of your ejaculation can also go down.

Weak ejaculation problem is mostly subjective because it is noticed by the person himself. Even though ejaculation may feel weaker, that may not create any problem for some people and it may not impact the sexual health. In some people a weaker orgasm may also feel as satisfying as a stronger one.

The process

The ejaculation process releases semen from your body through your penis. This process takes place in two stages-

  • In the first stage, which is known as emission, semen collection in the urethral bulb at the base of your penis.
  • In the second stage, which is known as expulsion, muscles around the urethra squeeze to push the semen out through the penis.

If there is a problem in the first stage during this process, can result in reduction in the amount of semen you ejaculate. If there is a problem with the second stage of the process, it can reduce the force with which semen is pushed out.

If you ejaculate less fluid or sperm, then it is a problem. It may have problem with your fertility.


What are the causes of weak ejaculation? Any condition that affects the muscles and nerves that control ejaculation can result in a weaker ejaculation and orgasm.

Weakened pelvic muscle

With age, the muscles that push semen out of the body can be weakened. If that happens, the force of ejaculation may decline.

Low hormone levels

A satisfying sex life for men will depend on the male hormones known androgens. When you get older the production of such hormones may decline. If for any reason the drop is significant, then it can result in weaker orgasm.

Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition which may happen in some cases. Generally, when you ejaculate, semen travels down your urethra and goes out through the penis. There is a valve between the bladder and urethra that works as a gate and does not allow semen to go into your bladder. For some reason if the valve stays open, semen can go back into your bladder instead of going out to the penis. That condition is known as retrograde ejaculation.

Some of the causes of retrograde ejaculation

  • If you have undergone surgery for the treatment of prostate or testicular cancer, if you have an enlarged prostate gland or a weak urine stream.
  • Medicines used for treating prostate enlargement, high blood pressure and depression.
  • Nerve damage caused by diseases like multiple sclerosis or diabetes.
  • Spinal cord injury

Perceived ejaculate volume production (PEVR)

Perceived ejaculate volume production (PEVR) is a condition where you release less semen than you did before. It is a common type of ejaculatory dysfunction seen in men. It can happen in some people because of the side effect of treatment for cancer and other conditions. It may also mean a problem with male hormone production. This is something which may happen along with other sexual problems like problems with erection and ejaculation.


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