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Lip Augments and Pregnancy: What You Should Know


Studies show that the first thing that a man notices in a woman is her lips. It is thus natural that women should be concerned with how their lips look. If you are not one of those women with naturally endowed lips, you do not have to worry. You can still turn to an appropriate procedure to rectify that for you.

Before you go shopping for a new look, however, there are a few things that you need to consider. Get to know what you want exactly, and the new look that you desire. Share with somebody who knows and understands your personality. A second opinion from a trusted friend cannot hurt. If you are heavy with child, it would be vital for you to find out about dermal fillers & pregnancy. That way, you will be delighted that what you are doing is what you need precisely.

Once you have made up your mind about the procedure, you are ready to see a clinician. As you do so, it would be prudent for you to bear the following in mind:

1.  Honest Clinicians Give the Best Results

An honest clinician will tell you the truth when it comes to your expectations. They will not try to placate your ego for the sake of getting your money.

So, you want to resemble that celebrity. It is either possible or not. An honest clinician will tell you as it is. A greedy one will feed off your desire, and before long they have taken too much of your money.

2.  Cheap Could Be Expensive

Since dermal filler procedure is a medical one, you should never compromise on its quality. An excellent dermal filler procedure does not have to be expensive. This does not mean that it has to be ridiculously cheap.

Clinics have to maintain specific standards and be staffed with qualified, well-trained professionals. As such, run away from anybody purporting to give the service for ridiculously cheap fees. Something must be wrong somewhere!

3.  Dermal Fillers are Not Forever

The dermal filler injections contain hyaluronic acid. The body breaks this down after some period. It does not last forever but could go for up to 12 months. Bearing this in mind is essential, as you will not be shocked when the filler eventually dissolves and you need another visit to the clinic.

4.  The Results are Immediate

Once the clinician performs the procedure on your lips, the results are immediate. In fact, your lips might be abnormally swollen for a day or two, but the swelling should subside in about three days’ time.

5.  Feels Like the Real Lips

The trick here is to ensure that a qualified professional does the procedure. If done well, you can go ahead without a care in the world. You will not notice the difference between dermal fillers and real lips – even when you kiss!

6.  Avoid Exercise Immediately After Treatment

Avoid exercise or any strenuous activity that might increase the blood flow to your lips and face. These could be counter-productive.

7.  Massage Any Irregularities

As the swelling goes down, you may feel some bumps on the lips. Massage these bumps gently to smooth them out. Also, avoid taking blood thinners like Excedrin, aspirin, Aleve, and ibuprofen for about five days after the procedure. You should also go slow on the intake of Vitamin E for the same period. All this is meant to help you handle any bumps and bruising more gently.

The above are some of the critical things you should know about dermal filler procedures and what to expect. Thousands of women across the world have benefitted from this and you can too. Do not settle for a look that you are not content with while there are many ways to enhance the beauty of your lips. Consult an expert for the best option for your new look.