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Past life regression therapy and its benefits


Past life regression therapy (PLR) can help you to heal yourself and such healing can occur at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is something which can be used in case of whether you are just curious, you suffer from any problem, you are suffering from fear and you can be benefited from different benefits it offers.

Some of the important benefits

Relief from current mental and emotional symptoms-past life regression therapy can help you to get relief from current mental and emotional symptoms. Such symptoms may include stress, anxiety, phobias and fear. These symptoms will automatically go away. There won't be any real occurrence of these problems.

Conscious control over your body-you will develop conscious control over your body. You will learn deep relaxation and through it you'll be able to control your breathing, respiratory rate, muscle tension and blood pressure which will help you to prevent stress, anxiety, panic attacks and other such problems.

Understanding of the challenges-you'll be able to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life. You'll be able to understand your past and the problems caused by the root causes which are buried in the past. You'll learn to self-observe and get more self-knowledge which will help you to go to self-healing.

Clearer thinking– your mental strength will increase and your mind will be clearer. You will be able to get rid of the symptoms that diminish your mental strength. Your worries will go away and as a result of that you will have a much clearer head to think about different things in your life.

Removal of limiting thoughts and behaviours– this is a very important benefit for you because past regression therapy will help you to get rid of different limiting believes, thoughts and behaviours that you have which are stopping you from achieving your goals. These limiting believes often stop you from achieving your goals and becoming better in creating a better life for yourself. When you can remove such limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours it will result in expand your thoughts and more positive behaviours. That will help you to go forward in life and achieve more of what you desire.

Physical and emotional pain removal-past life regression therapy will help you to alleviate deep seated physical and emotional pain. It can immediately help you to get relief from musculoskeletal pain. This therapy can help you to find of the past life roots of the trauma and thereby help you to remove that which will help you by remove any physical and emotional pain.

Lose fear of the future-this therapy will help you to free yourself from the fear of the future. You will find out that there is no point in worrying about the future and it's a waste of time. You'll be more focused on the here and now.

More love – with this therapy method, there will be more love in your life for yourself and others. You will achieve the sense of certainty and contentment and that will result in flow of more love which will flow freely. It will prevent illness. When you are in love or have a feeling of love for self and others, your immunological system functions at the optimum level and that results in overall good health.


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