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Create The Workout You Will Follow



Whenever people consider adding a workout to their everyday life, they are often overwhelmed by all the options in a gym. Memberships vary in what they offer, classes are numerous, and there are so many machines that we might not understand what it will do for our bodies. Take a deep breath and contemplate what it is you like to do. Don't be afraid to try new things, but always fall back to the things you really enjoy doing to take your workout to the next level

Let's look at a few options you have to get you started: 


Increase Your Flexibility


For some people, they just want to be a bit more flexible so they don't feel like they are hurting as much. Strength and toning can occur with a proper routine that includes stretching. Yoga is a very popular option and you will certainly find a studio everywhere you go. Studios like Pure Barre are an excellent option to increase your cardio, slim down, and increase your flexibility. Another option is pole dancing, which helps to redefine the attitude towards this type of performance art. It takes strength and flexibility to perform many moves and it also has a nice side effect of increasing your self-esteem. Think it's just for women? Think again! Many men also take pole dancing classes because it builds up their strength tremendously.


Lose Weight With Strength Training


Strength training is a marvelous way to lose weight. By building up muscle, you combat the fatty deposits in your body. A kilogram of muscle will be smaller in volume than a kilogram of fat. This means when you build muscle and lose fat, you will lose inches all around your body and lose some weight at the same time. Building muscle also means that your body continues to work against fatty deposits even when you aren't working out. Strength training often includes dumbbells and other weights but it doesn't have to. You can also use your own bodyweight to get the same effect.  Many ladies make an assumption that if they use weights that they will be too big. It is harder for women to bulk up like men because there is not enough testosterone in the female body. Go for it! You might find something you really love.


Fight Off Ailments


Certain illnesses and disorders can be controlled or eradicated through diet and exercise. If you find yourself hunched at your desk all day during work, you might want to exercise to keep you from developing Upper Crossed Syndrome, where your neck is rounded and you look slouched all the time. A 20-minute walk after dinner will help maintain a healthy heart and fight off heart disease and high blood pressure. Running or jogging is also great for trimming down and improving your heart. If you have knee or ankle issues, you can go bicycling or take a spin class to get a similar effect without further damaging your joints.

Combating Chronic Pain

Some folks with chronic pain should talk with a physical therapist about using exercise to fight against it. A cerebral palsy patient can actually use exercise to fight pain and increase their mobility. A fibromyalgia patient may need to focus on walking and stretches to ease their pain.

The important thing to remember about your workout plan is that it is comprised of things you will actually do. If you are strength training with your body and you hate burpees, ditch it! Find what you like and stick with it. However, don't allow that to become an excuse to not challenge yourself. Where you start out at will change as you physically change and challenging yourself keeps you going and increases your self-esteem because you are combating your own ideas.