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Recently researchers at Monash University found what can be termed as the switch for fat burning. These can be called as switch for fat burning. If you can use them, it becomes very easy for you to lose fat.

They found that there are two nature really or cutting hormones available which can stimulate neurons in your brain's hypothalamus. That action will cause them to send signals to the nervous system which will result in conversion of white fat into brown fat. This process will lead to burning off excess fat.

The research has given new insights into how your brain can regulate body fat. It will also help researchers to find out more effective ways to lose weight and prevent obesity. The two naturally occurring hormones which makes this process possible are leptin and insulin. Leptin is an appetite suppressant which is generated in fat cells and insulin is producing pancreas. The combine action of these two hormones can decide whether you will be able to lose weight or not.

How to burn fat

These hormones will give your brain a comprehensive picture of the fat present in your body. Leptin will measure the levels of existing fat reserves. The more leptin is there in your body means there is more fat. On the other hand, insulin provides a major of the future fat reserves.

In adults, fat is generally stored in adipocytes themselves as white fat. But at around your shoulders and neck there is a second form of fat made of brown adipocytes and this fat can be induced to burn it off. The researchers found that leptin and insulin interact with proopiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons present in the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus links your nervous system to the endocrine system by the pituitary gland.

An enzyme known as phosphatases can regulate this process in these neurons this enzyme can inhibit actions of each of the hormones. If the levels of these inhibitors are reduced in the body, browning and burning of fat can be increased.

If these two enzymes are targeted, they can act as switches which will help people to lose more and more fat and body weight. If you can turn white fat into brown fat with a process, that will help you to lose more body weight. However, a potential therapy may need some time for the development.

Using the switches

In future, you'll be able to use the switches to shed lots of weight from your body. There exist some products which can help you to find the existing triggers and switches for burning more fat which will help you to lose weight. There are products and methods available which focus more on finding the fat burning switches which are present in different parts of your body. These products and methods also focus on targeting those specific switches and turning them on for the desired amount of time so that it can lose body fat and weight till you reach your desired objective.

For the time being, you need to find out such products and methods and use them personally to find out whether they can help you to switch on your fat burning switches and if they can do that, losing fat and weight will be much easier for you in comparison to trying different types of techniques without any success for losing weight.


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