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The healing power of Qigong


Qigong comes from the Chinese word Qi which means energy and Gong which means work or practice. It is a Chinese exercise system which teaches you to cultivate and attract life force energies. This is a healing art and it will teach you how to improve your health with the help of your mind and the body's Qi or vital force.

If you regularly practice Qigong it will help you to experience profound improvement in different aspects of your life.

The mind-body medicine

Qigong    is considered as a mind-body medicine. You need to do three things here-focus on the breath, state of awareness and body posture. When you combine these three it helps you to open the channels for moment of energy. If there are energy imbalances within the body, regular Qigong    exercises will help you to correct such imbalances.

The purpose of the practice may be different for different people. And depending on the purpose of practice, Qigong is divided into medical, martial or spiritual categories. While practicing, there are two major categories-still and moving.

If you are practicing the still Qigong type, it will focus on quiet meditation. That is done using internal focus and regulation of breathing. It can be practiced lying, sitting or standing positions and it may include motionless postures.

On the other hand, moving Qigong involves moving your body under the conscious direction of the mind. Sometimes it is also known as external Qigong    because the movement is expressed externally. It will involve sequences of movements, breath, visualization and meditation and all of them are called forms.

These forms are a major part of the Qigong healing practice. You need to learn how to calm the mind and also to clear the heart and the mind of petty distractions and desires. You do not let the mind run as it wants, rather you control it. You learn to team the vast internal powers within yourself and decide how the development should happen.


she is present in all living things that universal life force is operating through us but if you do not exercise it like we do in case of our minds and bodies, it will remain as an unmanaged great power. You will need to cultivate this power to get the benefits of the universal life force. It is like waking up the sleeping dragon within you.

Your emotional state is a major as a vibratory rate. Qigong, yoga, meditation and martial arts can help you by raising your vibration or state of consciousness. There are other ways which can also help you to increase your vibration and you will become more conscious. Development of Chi is one of the main aspects of different martial arts including Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong training. When you have control on your inner power it will help you to improve your health, self-defense, medical practices, spiritual growth and healing. It has incredible healing powers which was proven by benefits achieved by many people for home the modern medical systems could not do anything. The healing power of Qigong also amazed many doctors who could not find any reason for such miraculous recovery in many patients.


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