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Better eating habits for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, your eating habits and how you eat can be more important than your diet. There are different types of diets which claim to help you to lose your body fat and belly fat. They may have different degrees of success. But without being worried too much about the diet and dieting, it is possible to lose weight with the right thing habits. How do you eat your food can decide a lot about whether you will be able to lose excess weight or not.

Eat slowly

If you want to lose weight, you will need to know the right way of eating. If you eat slowly that will help you to lose weight. It helps you because your brain will need around 20 minutes to register feeling of fullness. So, if you eat slowly, then your brain will have time to properly communicate the feelings to you. You may not feel full immediately after a meal. Give your brain sometimes so that it can signal you about your fullness when you are eating or drinking. Before you have a second helping, you need to wait for some time.

Sit at a table

While eating, you should sit down at a table. If you eat with your hands, it is possible that you are taking more food in in one scoop. That is why, you can use spoons, chopsticks and other utensils while eating and drinking so that the amount is not very high. Use small are utensils so that you consume less amount in each meal.

Stop eating when you feel full

Whenever you feel full, you should immediately stop eating. Even though the dishes may be very tasty and you want to have more, you should immediately stop yourself. Put your utensils and napkin on the plate which will signal that you are finished. It is also a signal to yourself that you need to stop eating. Once you feel satisfied, you donít have to eat any more. It is always better to eat until you are about 80% full because if you eat more than that, you will feel stuffed and sick after your meal.

Drink more water

You should drink more water if you want to reduce the amount of food you are consuming. Sometimes you may mistake thirst for hunger but in such a condition, eating is not necessary. If you keep yourself well hydrated, you will feel less hungry. Keeping yourself hydrated has other benefits for you such as a clearer complexion and shinier hair. If youíre not sure what you are feeling is actually hunger, you can drink a glass of water and that will help you to reduce the feeling. After drinking the water, you can wait for a few minutes and see whether you are actually hungry or not. If you donít feel hungry after that, then

Eat small and often

If you want to lose weight, you will need to make a habit of eating small but eating often. Many people understand the need for small, frequent meals. They are good for you because if you go longer than three hours without eating anything, the levels of stress hormone cortisol will rise in your body. When the level increases, it will give your body a signal to store fat in the abdominal area. If you skip meals, the cortisol levels will go up.


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