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How to lose your man boobs


Man boobs are a common problem which is mostly seen in case of middle aged males.  Whatever may be the cause of that, it does not look good and you probably don't want it. So let's find out how you can get rid of man boobs.

A balanced diet and a workout routine

A balanced diet and workout routine can help you to get rid of man boobs. Many people do not know what and how much they are consuming every day. It is important for you to know how much you are eating and what are going into your body.

Eat a balanced calorie restricted diet. If you want to lose man boobs, you will have to lose the extra fat in your body because spot fixing of fat around the chest area may not be possible. If you want to lose fat, you will need to consume fewer calories and burn more calories so as to create a calorie deficit. Find out the calorie that you need to have to reduce the excess fat present in your body. Start at a number and then gradually reduce the number of calories you consume every day.

Include more protein rich foods in your diet. Such foods will include meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. You will also need more fruits and vegetables. If you have high amount of body fat, is very important to reduce grains from your diet. You can get your carbohydrates from the green and bright colored vegetables and low sugar fruits. Try to prepare your meals at home from scratch. Also try to prepare your lunches and snacks for work so that you are controlling the food that you are consuming every day.

You need to clean up your diet. Reduce or eliminate sugar containing foods (sugar filled candies, deserts and drinks; hidden sugars in cereals, breads and other grains, granola bars, juices, energy and sports drinks, meal replacement bars and powders, sweetened yogurt, baked goods, condiments, salad dressings, dried fruits and others), ultra-processed foods (artificial sweeteners, processed soya bean products, vegetable oils and other ultra-processed foods that contain chemicals, antibiotics and endocrine disruptors), gluten, dairy products and some low-fat foods.


You need to perform a full body workout and you should do it at least three times every week. If you want faster results, you will have to increase your workout frequency to 5 to 6 days. Even though you want to lose fat from your chest, you will need to go for a whole body workout which will train your whole body. It is important because it will burn more calories and will develop a balanced physique. Some of the important exercises that you need to include in your workout are squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, reverse crunches and squat thirsts. Include some effective exercises which will work on your chest. Including push-ups in your workout will definitely help you to find better results.

Exercise does not mean that you have to go to a gym or buy heavy equipment. Bodyweight training can also help you to lose more fat and man boobs. When you go for bodyweight training, it will work better because it will recruit multiple muscle groups and as a result of that more calories will be burnt during the exercises. Push-up is a good bodyweight exercise. Find out those exercises which will work on your arms, chest, shoulders, back, core and other important muscle groups.

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