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Maximum fitness and fat loss with a kettlebells


If you are looking for maximum fitness and fat loss, kettlebells can help you. Kettlebells make it easier for you to achieve both the objectives while performing the same exercise. If you want to get stronger and fit and you don't have lots of time in your hand, you can use Kettlebells to get both within a short time. It is also possible to achieve that in 20 minutes with different types of workouts.

The workout

Kettlebells training is one of the best ways to burn calories and stand in your entire body. You can perform the workouts 3 to 4 days a week and get all the benefits. If you're going for three days a week, you can work out on nonconsecutive days.

Different workouts will use different exercises to help your different body parts. It may be for 20 minutes and it may be for more than that. Some people just work for three days a week and some people train themselves for 5 to 6 days.

If you are performing kettlebell exercises every day, it will be very important to maintain your diet. You will need to include more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats so that you can get the maximum results for your hard work.

The kettlebell workouts will deliver more fat fighting and body toning benefits than other types of exercises. You can get more benefit within 20 minutes then 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of traditional weightlifting. Since you need to do dynamic and multi-muscle moves with kettlebell, it increases your toning. The rhythmic and full body motions included in kettlebell workouts increases your heart rate fast. They also target more muscles in your body and spatially at your core. Because of that kettlebell workouts can triple your calorie burn up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes.

If you follow a well-designed kettlebell program, the risk of injury also decreases a lot. Whether you have 20 or more pounds to lose or you are fighting stubborn belly fat, everything can be negotiated with kettlebell exercises. A kettlebell is asymmetrical and when you grip it, your hand is away from the heaviest part of the kettlebell and as a result of that you have to work harder and activate more muscles to handle it.

Some of the best exercises

Some of the best kettlebell exercises which will help you to lose fat and increase your fitness are as follows.


Like any other exercise, warming up is very important before you start your kettlebell workout. Warming out for 2 to 5 minutes should be good enough for you. Use a lighter kettlebell or you can also use a dumbbell or your body weight for warming up. Some of the warming of exercises that can be done are halo, half squat, round the world etc.

Main exercises

Turkish get up, Russian kettlebell swing, kettlebell goblets squat, alternating single arm clean and press, kettlebell deadlifts, single arm kettlebell row, kettlebell Russian twist, squat and swing, pivot and point, lunge and loop, Windmill, squat catch and press etc.

You can choose a kettlebell exercise created by an expert which will help you to decide what other exercises that you need to do to achieve your goals.


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