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4 Reasons Why Couples who Exercise Together, Stay Together!


  It's no secret that exercising alone can be boring, reaching a certain level of motivation each week to hit the gym and workout to your maximum potential while no one is watching is just as hard as the exercises themselves.
However, experts say that people who exercise in pairs will see longer lasting benefits from their workouts. Having somebody there holding you accountable for getting up, putting on your gym kit and making that gym class is worth its weight in gold. Setting dates, times and creating plans with a workout partner goes a long way to turning up to your next session. Not only do you have company to go through the experience, but knowing that they will be there waiting for you is sometimes all the inspiration you need. The addition of meeting a partner at the gym to workout together could mean the difference between going three times a week, rather than two, and over time this will make a huge impact on your health and fitness.  

Challenge Ahead
One of the biggest challenges when exercising is ensuring you have consistency in your workout, can you access some form of exercise all year round rather than just the odd day here and there when you feel like it. Real changes will be made with a consistent agreed plan, and there is no better way to make plans you enjoy than with a partner. To make your exercise journey sustainable a gym buddy or workout partner is key to this, success will come as you both go through the experience together.
This is all very well but, can your gym buddy also be your romantic partner? Is it healthy to workout as a couple and be in a relationship with the person providing you with all this motivation? Do couples who exercise together really stay together?

Of course every couple and relationship is different, training in pairs can be very beneficial for your health and fitness goals but this may not always translate well as a romantic couple outside of the gym. Let's been honest, it's not a common thing to invite a girl that you met on a site like this to a gym session. Some people use exercise as their escapism and alone time to get out of the stresses and strains of home life, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But if you can find a balance of working out together, being each other's motivation and spending time together then exercising together can strengthen a relationship.

Sweat Together
Ok so we know how exercise in general benefits you, we know that consistency is key and that a gym partner can provide all the motivation required to maintain this consistency. But improvements in your fitness levels are not the only beneficiary here. Developing a personal relationship through exercise is also a perfect opportunity to strengthen the time you spend together. Couples who sweat and exercise together, really do stay together, and here are out 5 top reasons why.

  1. Achieve Goals
    When gym partners who are in a relationship care about each other's fitness goals it becomes an unspoken rule to help each other along the way. Seeing your partner succeed in any aspect of their life is fulfilling enough and if you can be part of their success and achievement then this strengthens your relationship further. It becomes easier to achieve your health and fitness goals if your partner is there with you, providing support, giving health related tips and inspirations about your journey and successes. This goes for both men and women, sharing the good and bad experiences of getting fit and staying fit can provide the entire context you need to have heathy conversations outside of the gym, during your home life, around meal times, planning and prepping for your next sessions together. Sweat together, chat together and be together!
  2. Happy and Healthy
    On your journey to getting fit and healthy you provide yourselves with the opportunity to create the feel good chemicals called endorphins and share pleasurable experiences together. Going through shared experiences can bring people closer together, and this mixed in with the ˜feel good' chemicals flooding your body you start to get into a very happy and healthy routine. Remembering these feel good feelings is also key to going again the next week and letting the positive cycle continue. Feeling satisfied with your relationship, being happy and the physiological arousal of exercising together can drive a romantic attraction towards one another. Sharing a fitness goal increases levels of excitement in a relationship, preparing for a physical challenge, working towards and overcoming these challenges can improve the quality of your relationship.
  3. Boost Your Workout
    Just by being in the presence of somebody else your performance will improve, because you know they are watching. Boost your workout by exercising with your romantic partner, you may not even notice or recognise it but the two of you going through the same experience will improve your performance. A bit of healthy competition is also a good way to push each other. Yes it can be difficult trying a new exercise for the first time in front of strangers let alone your partner. But choose an exercise you are both comfortable with or an exercise you have mastered and you can both use each other as inspiration.
  4. Bonding Buddy
    When working out together with a romantic partner you are creating a synergy between the two of you. This may be coordinating the both of you together for a particular exercise, working out in rhythm, listening to the same music, match each other's running speeds and so on. All of which create a subliminal bond where you bring yourself closer to your partner, this non-verbal matching is powerful stuff, and can benefit you both. Creating a bond when exercising is important as you can feel emotionally connected with each other, and people who experience this connection many times during the week feel the bond getting stronger, and seek to achieve these feelings again week after week.

In summary exercising together provides a chance for you both to establish a connection, not only are you working towards your health and fitness goals but your relationship is benefiting also. Sharing this aspect of your lives together will provide a positive chemical promoting, emotion boosting dimension your relationship could be missing. Exercise together, Stay together!