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Why You Should Give Hemp To Your Kids?



As the benefits of hemp become more widely known and accepted (high protein levels, high fibre), its popularity is increasing around the world among various groups. Hemp has a number of health benefits beyond the protein and fibre content which makes it popular among the health-conscious, while its portability makes them attractive to people to need to eat on the go. Other reasons like it can be added to almost any food, as it comes in a variety of forms, including powder, oil, and seeds, and that the hemp plant itself can be used in a variety of different ways.



One recurring question is whether or not hemp is as useful and helpful for children as it is for adults, usually quickly followed by a question concerning whether or not it is safe. While children should not take so much hemp as adults do (much the same as they should have less of various other food items that adults can eat), there is no explicit danger to children from hemp. The ways in which adults use it are the same in which children can.


  1. Fatigue


Schools are currently environments where unhealthy food is prevalent “ vending machines give out chocolate, crisps, and fizzy drinks to anyone with the money to pay for them, and cafeterias focus on food which is cheap and easy to prepare, rather than food which is healthy. While this type of food does give energy, it is only temporary spikes, rather than the long-lasting effects of hemp seeds or oil (or other proper foods, for that matter). Giving children hemp to eat or drink throughout the day will mean that children will receive the benefits of energy released slowly, keeping them awake and alert throughout the day.


  1. Immune system


Omega 3 is a fatty acid which is of particular use when it comes to boosting metabolism, as it shores up and strengthens various cell structures, including those which are found in the brain and the nerves. Omega 3 is found naturally in fish and fish oil, and while this method of ingesting it may work with adults, getting children to eat oily fish can be something of a challenge. Hemp is one of the richest sources of omega 3 in the plant world, and so is a much easier way of getting children to feel the benefits of it all.


Studies have shown that omega 3 is rich in various fatty acids, including ALA (alpha linolenic acid) which works to stabilise the cholesterol levels which are present in the bloodstream. ALA works alongside lignans inside the body to also produce an effect on the white blood cells which make up much of our immune system. Having hemp as part of a regular diet can therefore significantly boost a child's immune system, visit online stores like Green Botanics CBD to get the best and most innovative CBD products for regular use.



  1. Muscle and bone development:


As has been mentioned, hemp is a wonderful source of protein, in whichever form it is taken, and as such can be very useful for children. Protein helps in the repair of tissues and cells, and so is very useful when it comes to the perennial bruises and skint knees which plague children while they grow up.