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What Should I Do If I Can’t Sleep?


What Should I Do If I Can't Sleep?Our body needs to sleep 8-9 hours every night in order for our mind to function well in the daytime. If we are lacking in sleep it can cause lack of concentration and energy to do our daily tasks. And sometimes, lack of sleep can lead into some serious conditions.There are many reasons why we canít sleep. If this will persist, it will affect our physical health. So donít be just at ease, seek doctorís advice immediately.

Having a good nightís sleep can benefit your health. It is important to us to have good sleep habits (sometimes it is also referred to ďsleep hygieneĒ.)

One effective way to minimize sleep problems is by keeping a sleeping diary when:

You go to bed, sleep, wake up, and get out of bed, take naps, and exercise.

The Following Are Tips For Better Sleeping:

  • Pray and thank God about how good he is to you every day
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Consume less caffeinated beverages.
  • A relaxing, dark and quiet room helps you have a comfortable night.
  • If possible, donít place electronic devices such as TV, and smart phones inside your bedroom.
  • During bedtime, limit your consumption of heavy meals. We donít need to eat heavy meals as it will affect our good sleep.
  • Exercise could help you easily fall asleep at night. Exercise for at least 15 minutes every day.
  • Drink water at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Start planning a healthy menu for your diet.
  • Avoid naps, especially in the afternoon.

Itís up for you on what you are going to follow

A good sleeping habit plays an important role in our daily lives. Nighttime is the best time for us to relax our consciousness so that we can gain strength for the next day.† Donít forget to pray every night because God didnít forget to wake us up in the morning.

Consult your medical expert. When you canít sleep at night, your doctor will have exact findings on about what you are currently experiencing.

Life always offers us a second chance called tomorrow; so have a good nightís sleep.

Written by: Vina Benitez, Eternus Global