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Heroin Abuse in the Suburbs



Heroin and suburb are terms that don't feel to belong together, but recent statistics have revealed a shocking revelation that shows there is a high abuse of heroin in the suburbs, especially among the youth and teens. A trace to the problem shows that it begins with legal prescription, which is given to many young people each year. Recent statistics show that more than 11 million teens were using antidepressants since 2003. More information shows that the number of teens that use prescriptions for other drugs including depressants and prescription stimulants has risen by 39%.

How it Leads to Heroin

To understand how those prescription drugs lead to heroin, you will need to remember the accessibility provided by the medical marijuana laws. Researchers state that most of the drugs prescribed to teens for things like depression act as gateway substances. It starts with the abuse of alcohol, smoking marijuana, or even taking borrowed prescription.


Most of these drugs give the user a high feeling that they get used to and as the addiction grows, the person begins to crave for harder drugs. This is because the body builds a prescription tolerance and they can no longer feel the high they want to enjoy when they take the drugs, so most of them end up looking for harder drugs that can replace the ones they were taking.


Heroin takes the spot as one of the major drugs that is taken as a substitute by teens in suburbs, and most of them are hooked in a manner that they cannot liberate themselves unless with the help of physicians and serious treatment.

Social Media

In other statistics, social media has shown that students who connect with friends on social sites are wooed to also engage in drugs to also enjoy the ˜awesome' life they see their friends swimming in. Many experts of social behavior have argued that social media creates a craving for validation as many people, even those struggling, will front as successful and happy individuals who are getting everything perfectly right about life. This has been referred to as a validation loop, and when that happens and drug abuse is involved, teens are likely to be worst hit by the influence.


It has also been reported that youth from upper middle class families are more likely to suffer exposure to addiction to expensive opioids. Most of them don't see their activities as drug abuse and will likely not get triggered to see themselves as the usual drug addict. It is after they have formed a dependence on opioids that they find it easier to transition to other hard drugs like heroin.

Hope for Recovery

However, getting addicted does not mean the end of the road for those living in the suburbs or elsewhere. There is a way out that anyone struggling to get out of heroin addiction can try. Joining a rehab is a sure way to escape the trap and has proved to work for many people. This heroin treatment program is one among the few that have proved to offer results and help patients maintain a clean lifestyle after recovery.


Heroin is one of the most abused drugs across the world. Many people thought this is only available to those living in shanties, but recent statistics reveal a worrying trend where teens and youth in the suburbs are turning to heroin. If you know anyone who is abusing heroin or facing addiction, you are advised to book them to a rehabilitation hub before the issue escalates into a serious problem.