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How Transgender Women can get a feminine voice


One important element

If you are a transgender woman, you may face a big problem because of your voice. You have spent lots of money on clothes, make-up, wigs, hair removal and hormones but it is not helping you. It is fine till you open your mouth. You look beautiful and people accept you but then you open your mouth and it gives away everything. If that is the case, it’s because you lack one very important element of your personality-a feminine voice.

A feminine voice is very important for you if you are a transgender woman. Without that your personality will not become complete and people will not accept you as a woman.

The power of the mind

Your mind has tremendous power and it can influence your body in a remarkable way. Meditation is a proof that your mind can directly impact your physical body. Meditation has been practiced since ancient times and it has been offering physical, mental and spiritual benefit to the practitioners. Meditation can enhance your brain function, reduce anxiety, improve your overall health and provide other so many different benefits.

Guided meditation is an intentional and focused meditation technique. It is a technique which is used for achieving a specific purpose. Guided meditation is easier than general meditation because there is someone to guide you during the meditation process to achieve a specific objective.

Guided meditation can be very much beneficial for you if you are looking for a behavioral change. For transgender women, even though they feel like women, their voice may not be helping them. Here comes the need of behavioral change and guided meditation can help you to achieve the change that you need. Guided meditation has been used by healthcare practitioners to improve the health of patients. It has been used by athletes to achieve good results and success.

Get a feminine voice with guided meditation

It is possible for you to get a feminine voice with the help of guided meditation. You can feminize your voice automatically with guided meditation and visualization. It is possible to achieve that because such a program that uses visualization and guided meditation will work on your mind and not only on your body or your voice. The voice of a woman is controlled by her mind and if you can program the mind to speak like a woman, your voice will become a woman’s voice. For transgender women, their minds may be programmed by others to be the exact opposite of a female mind. If that is the case, you will need to change the programming so that your mind becomes a female mind and that starts speaking like a female. Sometimes, you may not be aware of the masculine habits you picked up along the way but they will show up through your voice and you will need to remove them to have a female voice and to make your personality complete.

It is possible to reprogram your mind to include all the lovely feminine essence. You don’t need to find out what you need to include and you don’t have to worry about how to do it because the guided meditation and visualization will do it for you.

You have the most powerful and most important feminizing tool and that is your mind. You need to use this mind to become a complete feminine persona. It is the most important and powerful tool because it controls your body, your behavior and also your voice. Now, you can use meditation and visualization to reprogram your mind so that you don’t have to act like a woman, you can be a woman.


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