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Strategies for an athletic looking body

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If you want to create an athletic looking body for yourself, you will need more than just wishes. You will need to have strategies for achieving that.

Add weight training with high-intensity cardio

If you want to have an athletic looking body, you will need to add weight training along with high-intensity cardio. You will need to spend at least 3 to 4 days a week to cardio specific workouts so that he can reach 85 200% of your maximum heart rate within short intervals. Long duration workout along with very little rest in between will help you to burn more calories and chisel athletic looking body you want. For the rest of the days in the week, you will need to focus on strength and resistance training. During this training, you will need to use heavy weights which will allow you to do just 10 to 12 reps per interval. It will help you to build lean muscle and will at the same time supercharge your body's metabolism.

Improve your nutrition

For any transformation, you will need to focus on the nutrition. You need to build a feasible nutrition plan for yourself which should include a high protein diet. You need good fat, wholesome carbs and lots of good protein to build an athletic looking body. You will also need to reduce sugar and artificial ingredients. About 90% of your diet should be whole or minimally processed foods and only 10% of that should be whatever you want. You will also need to drink lots of water so as to Flasher body with water. Water will help you to flush out the toxins present in your body, which otherwise will sap energy and will leave you tired and lethargic.

Polymetrics, bodyweight moves and agility work

Polymetrics and agility exercises are useful in building fast twitch muscle fibres which will help you to improve your attitude the performance. They will also strengthen tendons and ligaments and improve flexibility, coordination and balance. Clapping push-ups, boxes arms and bounding are some of the exercises which will help you to increase your power and flexibility.

Bodyweight exercises are very important. Push-ups, jump squats, burpees are some of the important exercises which will help you to create the strong and shredded look.

Put emphasis on dynamic exercises

For an athletic looking body, you will need to focus more on dynamic exercises. Even though isolated on compound exercises could offer some benefits, they cannot offer the same benefits as compound dynamic exercises. These dynamic exercises will simulate movements you use in sports and thereby will help you to build the same type of muscles that athletes have. You need functional movements like benchpress, deadlifts, front squat to press, kettlebell swing etc. they are important because they will work on the major muscles and lesser used muscles and will provide you with all over strength. Besides improving your joint health and prevention of injury, it will also improve your athletic performance.

Reduce the weight and increase the reps

If you want to have an athletic body, you will need to reduce the weight you are using. Light weight and higher reps will help you to build leaner muscles. You also need to move the weight as fast as possible. It is possible to increase the resistance by reducing the rest periods or easing bands. You can go for snatches, clean and jerks, med ball throws, kettle bell swings are some of the explosives exercises which will help you to increase lean muscles.


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