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5 Signs that you need to hire an in home caregiver for your elderly family

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We all love family, and at some point we have to take care of our elderly family members. But the question that bugs anyone who has an elderly family member is, at what point does one need to hire an in-house caregiver for them? In case you are struggling with this question, here are 5 signs that should trigger you to hire an in-house caregiver for your elderly family member.


  1. Your elderly family member is forgetful

If you elderly family member starts forgetting simple things like their house number, then it's time to find them an in-house caregiver.  That's because, letting them live alone in such a condition might put them at risk. They could get lost and end up in a dangerous neighborhood, or switch on gas and forget to turn it off.  To help them out, seek the services of an in house care provider, such as those provided by assisting hands home care in Portland.


  1. Your elderly family member is increasingly socially isolated

Elderly people like company. It helps them pass time as they reflect on past days. If you notice that your elderly family member is increasingly isolated and talks to no one, then it could be time to get them an in-house caregiver. This could protect them from the negative effects of isolation such as depression. An in house caregiver in such a case becomes an important companion to your family member.


  1. Your elderly relative has injuries that they can't explain

If your elderly relative starts getting unexplainable injuries such as burns and cuts, then it could be a red-flag that they are not fully in charge of their lives. For instance, it could mean that they have medical conditions that make them collapse and injure themselves.  It could also mean that their sensory organs like the eyes are failing them, putting them at the risk of injury. To protect them from harm, it would be best to hire for them an in house caregiver.


  1. Dents and scratches on their car

A car is a great item for an elderly person, because they can use it to go shopping for their essentials, as well as get health checkups whenever they need them. However, the moment you notice unexplained dents on their car, it could be a sign that they are losing control.  To protect them from the risk of a life threatening accident, hire for them a caregiver. Such a person can drive them around and keep them safe.


  1. Their fridge is full of pre-made foods

Elderly people need to eat fresh and nutritional food. If you check their fridge and find pre-made food, it could mean that they are no longer able to cook for themselves. This means that they are not taking in the necessary nutrients required to keep them healthy. To help them out, hire an in house caregiver who can cook for them.