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3 Essential Oils That Can Benefit Your Entire Family: Keep These Oils on Hand!

Many people do not realize the amazing benefits of using oils in their homes. Essential oils have so many practical uses, for health, beauty, cleaning, mental clarity and even first aid. Basically, these natural oils can be used in all four of the areas of your life physical, mental, emotional and social, as well as, some products aid in cleaning and sanitizing. The best thing about essential oils is that they are natural, contain no harmful ingredients and are quite safe to use in your everyday life.

These 3 essential oils are a big must to keep in on hand in your home:


If you only choose one essential oil for your home let it be Eucalyptus oil. This essential oil has so many wonderful uses and is virtually one of the best to have in your home. Eucalyptus oil is great for colds, flus, sinuses, allergies and other respiratory problems. This oil is also a wonderful antimicrobial agent, use it in with your cleaning products such as laundry soap, window cleaner, toilet cleaner and even mop water. It kills germs and bacteria which is why it is an amazing oil to have in your home. Not only that, eucalyptus essential oil is amazing in your hair as a moisturizer and dandruff control agent. These are just a few of the wonder things this oil can do. There are so many other benefits from odor control to wound treatment. This essential oil is one of the best to keep in your first aid box at home.


Lavender oil is another must have essential oil for your home. It has been known to help with so many different ailments and issues. For instance, lavender can reduce stress, calm you or even induce sleep. It also helps with relieving pain and getting rid of headaches. Lavender has other interesting uses such as: it is a great way to get rid of lice and also makes a good bug repellant. There are other fine benefits from this oil that includes helping with diabetic symptoms to burn care and acne control. With so many different uses it is hard to think of a reason not to have this essential oil on hand.


This essential oil has many valuable purposes, as well. Frankincense essential oil has beneficial health purposes including: relieves indigestion, helps with bad breath, prevents tooth decay and aids in constipation. It is also an antiseptic and a good cleaning agent. Not only that, but frankincense oil is amazing for cramps and pms, wound care, stretch marks, anti-aging and other various skin treatments. Lastly, it is a wonderful hand cleanser. There is so much this one oil can do, it makes sense to have it in your home.

These are only three of the best essential oils to keep in your home. There are so many other oils that are helpful to you day to day living. However, if you only could pick three essential oils to own, these are the 3 to have. The benefits of these oils are almost miraculous. No home should go without them.