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How To Prevent Diabetes In Young Children


Did you know that diabetes was once only a recognized disease associated with adults? Well, today it has spread to the younger generations. In fact, there are more and more reported cases of children being diagnosed with diabetes each year. What’s even more shocking is the number will only continue to grow and your child could be a victim if you don’t learn the proper prevention procedures. Of course, with today’s medical technologies living a long and healthy life with diabetes is a possibility, but it can impact your child’s life in a huge negative way. With that being said, below you will learn some tips and techniques that might help you prevent your child from developing diabetes.

Prevention Always Starts At Home

As a parent you are probably already aware of the fact that kids will mimic and act out on things that they see in the household. This is why diabetes prevention truly starts in the household. You are the parent and guardian, so at the end of the day, you have totally control over everything that your child eats and does. If the house is packed with unhealthy snack foods your child is probably going to choose that over something healthy every time. Sit down and explain to your child why you are making these changes, and that you only care for his or her health.

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Get Your Kids Excited About Healthy Foods

When it comes right down to it, sugar is probably the main cause of diabetes in children. Sugar is in cookies, soda pop, and other snacks. You not only need to encourage your child to eat healthier, but you need to get him or her excited about eating healthy foods. There are several different ways that you can go about this. First, you can involve them in the grocery shopping process. Allow them to pick from healthy food groups and choose what they want to eat. Secondly, you can get them involved in the cooking process. Show your child how to prepare and make healthy snacks, so that he or she will be able to do so when you are not around.

Get Involved In An Activity

There are tons of afterschool activities available for just about every type of child out there. The problem with most children in today’s world is that they just want to sit around and play video games or surf the web. Of course, there really is nothing wrong with this, but it decreases the amount of physical activity that your child partakes in. If you can get you child excited or involved in a physical afterschool activity this will go a long way in helping them become active.

If your child doesn’t want to partake in these types of activities, you can force them to do physically inductive chores. For instance, if you child is old enough, you can make them get out and cut the grass, or you can make them do the laundry.Anything you can do to force your child to be more activity will go a long way in helping them fight diabetes.