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3 Tips to getting life insurance with health complications

Having health issues is no fun to begin with and trying to get life insurance just makes things harder. It is no surprise that the younger and healthier you are the cheaper the rates are for life insurance. The older you get, the more health issues seem to pop up out of nowhere. As we get older we also begin to worry about life insurance. So, how does one get life insurance when there are health complications?

1. Take care of yourself.

There are certain things that will raise red flags when you are applying for life insurance. Some of these things are obesity, diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure, and more. If you are not already taking care of yourself, it is time to start. If you do some exercise then do it. All it takes is going for a walk daily or maybe staying in your home and exercising there.

You will also want to be eating right and watching your weight. The healthier you eat the better chances your weight will remain where it should be. If you are obese, consult with your physician on diet and exercise. The better state of health you are in the better chances of being accepted for life insurance at affordable rates.

2. Do not apply right after an illness or emergency.

If you have just had a heart attack or stroke you may not even be accepted but if you are then you will be paying unaffordable prices. Over time, you will get your health under control and this is the time to apply for insurance. If your rates have gone up due to a heart attack or something else ask for a reexamination. If your health has returned and it is normal then your rates should drop. Be sure to ask your agent and get the answer in writing. There will be times when we all get sick but in this instance, they are talking about life threatening issues.

3. Do your research.

Finding the right agent can make all the difference in the world. You may also want to search for a good life insurance agent who uses a broker. The broker will have the upper hand in knowing what life insurance companies are more willing to accept you and at a better price. It may not be easy to get a senior life insurance with health problems, but it can be done.

If the first few companies that you try have high fees or say no, just keep looking. Every life insurance company has different underwriters and they are not all the same by any means. It is better to do all of the research and then make the choice of what life insurance you would like to have. Getting the life insurance you desire can be possible.

If you seem to be finding companies that are not willing to work with you then ask your friends and family.