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Vertigo Remedies that Stop Dizziness & Nausea

Vertigo is one of the most complicated conditions a person can suffer from. A person suffering from vertigo will experience dizziness and a spinning sensation that makes them feel as if the world around them is revolving uncontrollably.

Some people with vertigo will also experience imbalance when they walk or try to stand straight. As you can imagine this condition makes it hard to live a normal life because it always feels as if you’re spinning in circles even when you’re standing still.


The main cause of vertigo is due to an imbalance in the inner part of the ear. In your inner ear there are crystals that aren’t supposed to move but sometimes they can become dislocated and when they do it causes symptoms of vertigo.


Along with dizziness and loss of balance while walking or standing other symptoms of vertigo include:

Once you experience one or more of these symptoms listed above regularly you should go to the doctor’s office and get an official diagnosis done. After the diagnosis your doctor will probably recommend various medications for treatment if you do in fact have vertigo.

Some of these medications include antihistamines, water pills, and anticholinergics. These medications may provide you with temporary relief from the symptoms but they don’t get rid of vertigo permanently. Moreover, some of these medications cause various side effects that make you wonder if it is even worth using them in the first place.

Vertigo Remedies That Work

Thankfully there are remedies for vertigo that work just as effectively if not better than prescribed drugs. The best part about these vertigo home remedies is that they won’t cause any side effects.

Peppermint Oil

One of the best natural remedies for vertigo is peppermint oil because it contains Menthol, which is a organic compound that helps stop the dizzy and spinning sensations due to vertigo. To use peppermint oil as a treatment simply apply a small dab of it on your forehead, neck, and behind your ears.

The oil will get absorbed by the skin and then help calm down your vertigo symptoms. Use this remedy any time you feel a vertigo attack coming on and you need some quick relief.

Lavender Oil

Another great essential oil to fight off vertigo symptoms is lavender oil. According to Remedy My Vertigo, it contains various properties that puts your nervous system in a calm state, which stops vertigo attacks. The best way to use lavender oil to get rid of vertigo is to inhale it directly through your nose.

Simply place the bottle of lavender oil directly under your nose and inhale the aroma into your nose until your symptoms are gone. The best time to use this remedy is right you’re about to go to sleep at night.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is one of the best remedies for vertigo because it helps re-position the crystals in your inner ear to their right position so your vertigo symptoms stop. To do this you’ll need to apply some of the hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and then squeeze the hydrogen peroxide into your ear.

It’s best to do this while you’re laying down so that it can sink deep into your inner ear. After about 5 minutes get back up and switch sides and repeat.


These 3 home remedies for vertigo have been proven to work effectively but you have to use them regularly for the best results. The next time you feel an attack coming on try one of these remedies to get the relief you seek.