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How to last longer in bed


The following physical methods can help any man last longer in bed. However, while all of these methods can be beneficial to all men, if you experience premature ejaculation you may want to learn about additional solutions on how to last longer in the bedroom.

Use the refractory period

Why does sex need to be limited to just one session? You can have multiple sessions. After the man ejaculates, you can start again. During the second direction, men will feel less sensitivity and it will help them to stay longer in bed. All you have to do is waiting for a few minutes or you can start foreplay till the tool is ready again. The round two will definitely have better results. You can try it and you will see how good the results are.


Masturbating just before sex can really help in lasting longer in bed. If you ejaculate one or two hours before the real sex, it will be little difficult for you to come quickly. The arousal can be built with the help of slow and intimate foreplay. This will help in reducing the excitement. All of them together will help to guide to stay very longer in bed.

Try perpendicular positions

Trying different perpendicular sex positions will help you to last longer. When you do this, you’ll be able to avoid the most sensitive areas of the penis. These areas include under side of the head which has lots of nerves centering there. Spoon or face each other on the sides and you will not be rushing to orgasm. There are different positions available which you can use to stay longer while enjoying the process completely.

Try something new

If you are using the same sex positions for a longer duration, your body may be adapting to it and already anticipating coming and so it comes a lot sooner. You can try something new including new positions and sensations. They will distract the man and will help him to last longer. Trying something out of the ordinary will definitely lengthen the overall period.

Yoga, Pilates and kegels will help

trying yoga, Pilates and kegels will help you to stay longer in bed. These are some of the exercises which will help you to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and these muscles are the key to keeping your erection for a longer duration. You can start doing that right from today and you will start seeing the benefits within a short duration. All you need is a regular practice. There are specific exercises which will help you to achieve your objective-strengthening the pelvic floor.


Edging is another technique which will help you to last longer in bed. Whenever your partner is about to orgasm, make him stop and wait for a minute or so before you start doing it again. Before the man reaches the point of no return, you need to stop him. With little bit of training edging can help your partner to spend more time on the edge without passing the point of no return.

Squeezing the base

This is another technique which is used by many people to last longer. Six researchers found that if the base of the penis is squeezed, it can help the man to last longer. You can use a cock ring or you can use your hands or the hands of your partner. When you squeeze the base of the penis, it will stop ejaculation. A firm grip will do the trick and it is effective. Try it the next time you want to last longer in bed.


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