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Herpes Infection Causes And Recommendations


Herpes Infection

Herpes is a widespread disease that can occur both in children and adults. It is caused by a virus that can be spread through blood to different organs. Herpes infection can range from mild forms (an infection of the eye or lip) to severe forms accompanied by complications.

Herpes infection manifestations

The occurrence of herpes can give a general malaise state, drowsiness or insomnia, headaches, nervousness, decreased appetite, nausea, chills, increased body temperature or spine muscle pain that emphasize after the head extension. These symptoms usually disappear 3-5 days after onset. In the case of skin and mucous membranes a small blister rash with clear liquid will appear which will break easily, leaving erosions that usually heal within a few days. Throughout the disease or just before it occurs, the patient has local feelings of  burning or itching.

Healing process ends within 11-12 days, but after healing, the virus remains in the body and infection can recur. If the body is weakened due to poor diet (especially fat meat or salami diets) due to exercise, stress of successive exposures to the sun or due to other causes symptoms reocur. Also, herpes infection is amplified by the concomitant diseases such as diabetes and tuberculosis occurs in the form of shingles, with extreme pain in some cases..

Frequent relapses of herpes on the lips really indicates a lack of iron in the body, lack which weakens the immune system. If the body’s has a normal defense power and a good immune system that can control the aggressive virus, the infection is “extinguished” for a long period of time.

However, herpes infection it is a condition that should not be ignored, because the presence of herpes simplex virus in the body can lead to many complications, thus infection of the eye can lead to corneal opacity, synonymous with vision loss. Also, young children contaminated from their mother can keep the virus for life.

Herpes relapse on neck

Herpes relapse on neck


  • Physical rest for 1-2 days, especially in those with low immunity and those who are recovering from other illnesses, sick persons or children.
  • The diet will be composed of as many vegetables and fresh fruit, especially those rich in vitamins A, C and E. In the first days of illness foods containing fat should be excluded because they rush the rash appearance.
  • Smoking is excluded throughout the eruptive spurt.
  • Drink infusions of herbs (nettle, plantain narrow, rhubarb, etc.). Infusions are made with one teaspoon herb per cup of water. Drink two cups per day, slowly, sip by sip. Herbal infusion blends, two cups per day: oak root, chamomile, sage and nettle melilot in equal parts or rosemary, plantain and tenofovir in equal parts, are also recommended
  • Calendula tincture, 20 drops three times daily.
  • Grease the developing herpes area with Calendula ointment, balm ointment, propolis ointment or oregano oil.
  • Compresses and buffering with decoction or infusion of burdock, chamomile. Compresses with cold clay are also recommended.
  • In the case of lip herpes you can lubricate the affected area with beaten egg white foam (three to seven times a day).
  •  In the case of genital herpes walnut leaves or wormwood baths several times per day.

To protect others from herpes infection, you should know  that herpes sores contain high amounts of surviving virus that and they can be transmitted through saliva. The virus can affect people with underlying conditions, especially those with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, young children with health problems.


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