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Six Non-Surgical Options for Removing Double Chins


Double chins form as skin loses its elasticity. This happens naturally with age, but many people are self-conscious about their double chin and want to remove it. However, surgical procedures can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive. Here are six non-surgical treatment options for double chins:


Toning the muscles in your neck can help tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of a double chin. It may take several weeks or months of performing these
exercises before you see a result, but it’s an easy at-home treatment to try.

For one exercise, gently tilt your head up to the ceiling. Then, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Keep your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth while you slowly lower your chin to your chest. Repeat this about 20 times.

Another helpful exercise involves tilting your head back while keeping your lips closed. Then, open your lips into an “O” shape, and hold this for about 20 seconds. You should feel both sides of your neck contracting. Repeat this 10 times.


Double chins aren’t always a result of weight gain, but losing weight through a healthy diet can sometimes be a great way to reduce a double chin. Fat loss usually is first visible on the face, so it might not take long for you to notice a difference. Eat several servings of fruits and vegetables daily, avoid processed foods, and control portion sizes. Exercising regularly can also speed up weight loss.

Skin Tightening Creams

Skin tightening creams are a cheap way to remove a double chin at home. Many popular creams include natural ingredients that hydrate the skin, increase firmness, and reduce wrinkles.

Skin tightening creams reams can work effectively for people with a mild double chin, but they might not make a substantial difference for everyone.

Near Infrared Skin Tightening

If at-home treatments don’t work for you, there are several non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatment methods you can try. One popular procedure is near infrared skin tightening, which heats the collagen under the surface of the skin and causes the skin to contract.

The skin tightening procedure only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and it doesn’t require any downtime for recovery. Patients usually see a difference after about two weeks, and full results form after six months. This treatment can remove double chins caused by loose skin, but it might not help double chins caused by excess fat.

Fat Freezing Procedures

Fat freezing procedures use cooling technology to target fat cells. The fat cells are crystallized and eventually die, and the body processes and eliminates them.
CoolSculpting is the most popular fat freezing procedure, especially for removing a double chin.

The treatment is quick and noninvasive, but patients usually feel very cold at the beginning of the procedure before the targeted area numbs. The procedure only takes about an hour, and most patients see results after one or two treatments.

Kybella and Belkyra

Kybella and Belkyra are both treatments for double chins that use injections to destroy fat cells.
Kybella was the first non-surgical double chin treatment to be approved by the FDA. It only takes about 15 minutes and completely eliminates fat cells under the chin.

Belkyra is a similar procedure that uses a series of 20 to 30 injections with fine needles.
Dr Joseph Ajaka explains that the injections break down fat cells and release the cells into the body, where they are processed and eliminated. This usually takes more than one treatment, and patients may experience some swelling. Most people see results after about six weeks, and the results are permanent.