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Hypertrophy training and the three laws of muscle building

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Hypertrophy training will help you to pack on more muscles. It is helpful for both men and women. There are few laws of muscle building which can help you to build more muscle if you understand them correctly.

Rule 1: muscle building is a science

There are some basic principles of hypertrophy and you will need to follow them if you really want to pack on more muscles.

Rule 2: everybody is different.

Even though some of the hypertrophy training may work for someone, it may not work for some other people. Not to people can be the exact same. So even though they are on the same program, they may see different results. Some of you may pack on more muscles and look like a professional bodybuilder and on the other hand some others may have long, lean define muscles. What works for someone else, may not work for you.

Rule 3: knowledge is everything.

In science, new things are always being discovered through new studies and it is an ongoing process. It is always important to learn new things and improve your understanding of what works. So with the help of the first two rules, you build the best program for yourself and the third rule says that you will need to keep improving that to see better results.

The three laws of building muscle

Exercise physiologist Brad Schoenfeld says that there are three primary mechanisms of muscle growth-muscle tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage.

It is very important to shift your focus to how you are lifting weights. Why? Powerlifters are generally stronger than bodybuilders and they can also lift more weight in comparison to bodybuilders. However, bodybuilders often look significantly more muscular even though they are weaker when compared to powerlifters.

It is very important to know and understand how to create muscle tension. Most of the people do not understand it and that’s why they do not also get the desired results. If you’re simply lifting a weight and trying to push it for a certain number, that way may not help you to build muscle. Simply moving the weight will not help you. Rather, it may result in form problem, ligament problem and joint problem. Even if you do it, your muscles will not get benefit of that because your muscles are not carrying the load.

It is very important for you to focus on a fool range of motion which will help you by creating a constant tension on the working muscle. When you are performing reps, the muscles should not take a break. Stressing the muscle and squeezing the muscle is a constant process during the reps.

When you are squeezing the muscle (the concentric) you need to stop the weight a little short of lockout on the concentric portion. In the same way, it should be little short of the bottom of the lift so that you can maximize the stretch. But you do not lockout your elbows while lowering the weight. On both dance, you will need 90% of range of motion so that you can create non-stop tension and the environment necessary for building more muscle.

Metabolic stress is the stress you feel when your muscles become exhausted. This stress is very important because it will turn your muscles on for growth.

Muscular damage happens in different ways. When you lift weights, it will result in damage and that will force your muscles to repair itself. As a result the muscles will grow back bigger and denser.


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