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Live a Happy, Healthy Life: 5 Ways for Single Seniors to Thrive


Life’s journey doesn’t always go as planned. After decades of work and raising a family, the approaching golden years are supposed to be carefree days enjoyed with your partner in crime. Yet, life can throw curveballs and then you could be left navigating this time solo.

You may want to maintain your independence and live in your own home as you charter your golden years. Living alone may bring its own challenges though. Isolation isn’t without risks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Here are ways you can adjust your living situation so that you can thrive as a single senior.

Reconnect with Family

If you’ve had a long-distance relationship with your children since becoming an empty nester, this period may be the right time to move closer to them. You can deepen your relationships and support your family by offering to babysit the grandkids, which provides a renewed sense of purpose. Many family members may appreciate such a move because they’re close by in case of an emergency or if extra care is needed.

New City, New Adventure


Now that you’re in a new city, explore it. Meetup lists group activities for seniors to join like dancing, yoga, hiking and social events. You can even embark on adventures abroad with a senior travel group to meet others who want to learn, tour and enjoy activities like kayaking and hiking.

Although it may be tough to admit, risks come with aging and a medical alert system can provide protection as you hit the town. A mobile medical alert device like Lively Mobile ensures that you have access to help in case an incident happens. Your family can also rest assured knowing that help is easily whether you’re doing yard work at home or exploring the city with your jogging group.

Lend Your Time for a Good Cause

It might take effort to overcome potential loneliness and create a vibrant social life. Social connection nurtures your health and well-being. And the better you feel, the more you’ll want to stay active and keep connecting with others. Volunteering, for instance, engages you with the community and serves as a way for you to make a difference with others. RetiredBrains is a resource for various volunteer opportunities like working with animals or mentoring. You can also find opportunities at VolunteerMatch.org and search by location and cause as a “55+ adult.”

Take on a Physical Challenge

Familiar with the saying “age is just a number”? No one is ever too old to not only exercise, but actually train for an athletic event. Ed Whitlock, an 85-year-old runner, ran a marathon in 3:56:32”setting a world record. You don’t have to try to set any records when you embark on an athletic journey. Simply pursuing any type of new physical activity can be empowering and the accomplishment will feel exhilarating.

Bring Home a Companion

Times of loneliness could potentially lead to depression. Adopting a dog can help combat loneliness and create a bond that brings joy to your life, which is why therapy dogs play an important role for patients who are sick or disabled. A cat may be a better choice if you have physical limitations because they often require less maintenance. Keep in mind when considering adopting a pet that they can be costly and require energy. But these furry companions can also keep you active and most importantly, bring friendship.

Living independently in your golden years is absolutely possible. These five tips will help ensure that you’re thriving as a single senior.