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Surprising libido boosters


The following are some of the surprising libido boosters which will help you to boost your libido and enjoy your life. Let’s find out how you can do that.

Scare yourself

If you can scare yourself, your adrenaline will increase in the body and you will find the opposite sex more interesting. Surfing lessons, zip lining, watching a suspenseful flick and doing such other adrenaline pumping activities are good for you. If you are doing something exciting, your heartbeat will increase and your nervous system will be activated. This situation is similar to the situation when you are sexually aroused. So, try to find such situations and use them to your advantage.

Touch is important

Touching your partners is very important for you and it can help in increasing your libido. Even locking fingers with your partner can turn you on. When you touch your partner, your body releases oxytocin which is a common that may increase closeness and arousal. Be spontaneous and touch your partner when you want to. It will excite your brain and that will trigger your body to pump out more oxytocin and other neurotransmitters necessary for sexual response. When you are a little grabby, that can actually help you to increase your libido and improve your relationship.


Yoga is not only helpful for keeping you healthy and fit and improving your mental state, it is also useful in increasing your libido. When you perform yoga poses, you become more familiar with the body and that will help you to develop and improve your sexuality. It not only benefits normal people, it can also help women suffering from sexual problems. Yoga can also improve your orgasm by increasing flow of blood to the sensitive zones.

Try to perform yoga moves together and help each other. Seeing your partner in the yoga outfit and while performing different asanas, you will definitely feel your libido going after at that moment itself.

Color red

Red color is useful in improving your libido. If your partner is wearing red, it can create the mood inside you. Red is associated with status and power and that can turn your partner. It is especially true in case of women. If you are going for a date night, it is always advisable to wear red. Colors have certain association and you can use that association for your own benefit by increasing your libido.

Red wine is useful

Drinking red wine can be is very much useful for you because it will help you by increasing your libido. Women who drink red wine regularly have higher sexual desires and are more active. Red wine is always better than any other type of alcohol. According to researchers, red wine contains high amount of polyphenols, which is an antioxidant that helps widening of the blood vessels. When your blood vessels are wider, they can take more blood to important arousal areas. However, you should stick to just one glass of red wine because more of it may diminish your libido.

Post workout smell

Even though sweat from any other person may disgust you but the scent of your partner after a workout may turn you on. When you sniff your partner’s sweat, is it will increase your levels of stress hormone cortisol and that will boost your libido. Probably you can start working out together so that it can get your partner’s scent and after the workout session, you two can burn some more calories together. You can also hit the shower together after workout, because that is definitely going to increase your libido.

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