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Fitness Tools, Not Toys: Top Tips for Safely Using Ankle and Wrist Weights

Fitness Tools, Not Toys: Top Tips for Safely Using Ankle and Wrist Weights

Everyone knows being fit is the way to go but there are so many roads to take to the same destination. That doesn’t make it any easier to get in shape. It just means that athletes of all ages and both sexes have options. Here’s how to use ankle and wrist weights to achieve a better body and greater overall fitness.

Form First

Ankle and wrist weights are great for a range of reasons. However, you should not put the cart before the horse, or in this case, the weight before you have proper form down. Show mastery over proper form first, regardless of exercise, before adding weight. You can always add more weight. However, those who learn bad form never exercise the proper way.

Sports Warm Up

Ankle and wrist weights are great for sports training, especially for those who are preparing for an upcoming season. For example, baseball players usually warm up before a plate appearance by swinging two or more bats. It’s a way to activate arm muscles. Also, once they let go of the added weight and hold one bat at the plate, it suddenly feels a lot lighter. Similarly, ankle weights can do the same for soccer players who suddenly feel like they can run a lot faster after training with weights.

Frugal Investment

You could pay hundreds to thousands a year on equipment and gym membership. There’s nothing wrong with investing in one’s health, but depending on your goals, a lot of money is not a necessity. For example, ankle and wrist weights are cheap but can add a lot of value to an athlete’s performance.

Convenient Tools

You can’t exactly bring gym equipment with you on vacation, during business travel, or, in some cases, outdoors. However, you can use wrist and ankle weights in or outdoors anywhere at anytime. The tools are incredibly convenient in providing training athletes a challenge. Moreover, it’s so easy to take the weights off for interval training.

Universal Use

Are you a swimmer? You can use ankle and wrist weights. That same is true for ice skaters, track and field stars, and grandparents who want an added challenge during a morning walk through the neighborhood. There’s no limitation to who can benefit from the weights. And, one can add to performance no matter what sport played.

Safe Implements

You should check with your doctor if you’re a senior citizen or have an existing health condition before exercising, but ankle and wrist weights pose minimal threat to users. They are comfortable enough to use while jogging and engaging in other exercise, and they easily come off.

Increased Speed

As hinted above, the weights can be used to increase an athlete’s speed. A boxer can use wrist weights to learn to punch faster. A soccer player can use ankle weights to learn to run faster. A tennis player can use both to get to a ball more quickly and hit it harder. If you need more speed to succeed in your sport, use ankle and wrist weights.