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Pimples under skin

If you have discovered a pimple or pimples under your skin, it could be that you are getting or have a common cold. These types of pimples are harmless enough however. They get formed from the sebaceous gland ducts becoming blocked. Inflammation follows and pus accumulates under the skin causing the under the skin pimples. Even pressing or touching that area can cause pain.

There are other factors that can cause pimples under the skin as well. Things like bad nutrition, personal hygiene and skin damage are a few. Hypothermia or overheating in a room or certain fabrics rubbing on the skin can cause pimples as well. Other causes are hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal system and the big S stress. Further to that, your skin can be at risk if you for instance work in an area where harmful substances come into contact with your skin. Medication intake which can affect your immune system such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives or steroids are also contributing factors.

No one can tell where the pimples under skin will make themselves known. They can appear on your face, your neck, your legs and even the intimate parts of the body. An unpleasant characteristic of these types of pimples is that they can take a couple of weeks before they finally come to a head which can be painful at every stage. If you have been a victim of such pimples under skin and they occur regularly, you need to look for the cause of why this is the case so that you can start treatment whether by medication or natural solutions.

How to start to treat pimples under skin

Sometimes it is just one pimple under skin; sometimes it can be more than just one; sometimes they can be all over your face for instance. Apart from being painful, they have the ability to spoil what could be a beautiful woman or man’s face. If you are experiencing infected pimples under skin, you should book an appointment with a dermatologist. He can examine your face and if necessary, prescribe the right course of treatment.

If you have an unattractive looking pimple about to erupt on your skin, and you cannot bear to socialise with friends in case they notice it, you might feel desperate enough to want to deal with the pimple yourself. You are probably thinking of popping it, hoping it will magically disappear. The pimple might disappear for the evening but it might leave a nasty scar behind, or worse, it can become infected. Look at your face in the mirror for the area known as the “triangle of death“. This is the area stretching from the corners of your mouth to between your eyebrows. Getting the areas on this part of your face infected is very serious; it can cause you to die. Why? Because the blood vessels in this area of your face drain to the back of your head, right at the base of your brain. This is the area that opens up your sinuses and if not treated correctly, can develop infection. A serious infection is serious and can lead to things like loss of vision, paralysis, and yes, even death. Isn’t that a good enough reason not to pop pimples under your skin? You don’t want bacteria getting in and breeding infection. See further what Dr Oz says about it at http://www.cnbc.com/2014/05/20/dont-mess-with-triangle-of-death-dr-oz-warns.html. If you notice infection starting, go and see your doctor straight away.

So how do you treat pimples under skin?

There are much more reliable ways of getting rid of pimples under or on skin. If you do see pimples under skin or already on the skin, try and eliminate them with some iodine. Take a cotton bud soaked in iodine and during the day dab at the pimples. The pimples will disappear, maybe leaving a small spot of iodine behind, but certainly better than ugly pimples on the face, right? Another way of getting rid of pimples under skin is with the use of ozone therapy. Ozone therapy will clear up the inflammation, leaving no scars. It also produces extra collagen and elastin, so your skin benefits too. What ozone therapy does is to neutralise all the impurities and toxins in your body. It improves the blood circulation which gets rid of all that pus and bad bacteria. In fact, ozone therapy improves your general wellbeing.

If you visit your doctor, he will also probably enquire about the cosmetics you use. Facial powders and foundations can actually clog your pores, causing sebaceous gland dysfunction. You need to pay particular attention to your skin cleansing routine. Another part of your skin routine is your diet; the main focus being on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking fresh water to flush out toxins. The most important recommendation however is to let a pimple come to a head by itself. Avoid taking antibiotics if you can help it; rather focusing on herbal tinctures like chamomile, sage, calendula or peppermint. You can wipe your face with these tinctures.

Some other natural solutions to prevent and stop pimples under skin

  • Aloe Vera leaf. Cut this up and apply the pulp on the pimples, leaving overnight after covering with a plaster. Drink a nettle infusion as well, to clear any toxins from your body. Just drinking this for a month will clear the skin of outbreaks and rashes which includes pimples.
  • Bathe in sea salt if possible and wear undergarments made of natural fibres like cotton. Help your skin to breathe further by taking in some good fresh outdoor exercises.
  • After washing your face with a good antiseptic soap, take a warm moist cloth and lay it on your face to open up the pores. Then some juice of 1 or 2 lemons squeezed onto a second moist, warm, clean cloth and laid on your face, leaving for about 5-10 minutes is very antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Tea tree essential oil mixed with some water will also help to dry out an area where there are pimples because it removes inflammation.
  • Another excellent solution is to use a facial mask made of natural ingredients like bentonite clay which removes toxins and reduces inflammation. Bentonite clay helps in lightening pimple marks on the face.

Following the above will keep your skin healthier and more pimple-free. Let the pimples know you don’t like them just tell them to get out of your face!