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Can You Get High On CBD Oil?


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A question that many people have today about CBD oil is, will it get you high? This is an important question, especially if you are considering using CBD oil for any medical needs. CBD offers quality medical benefits and can easily assist with treating a variety of diseases and ailments. In the past, the benefits could only be gained by consuming the plant. This caused the high effect in order to feel the medical benefits. If you are looking for only pain relief or anxiety relief, then you had to deal with the high effect. Thankfully, with the new advances found in cannabis, CBD oil has been created and led to the option for treatment with cannabis.

New Advances Lead to Quality CBD Treatment

As cannabis and its components have been researched, new advances have been made as to how cannabis is grown and products are produced. Because of this research, specific components of cannabis have been identified and can be specifically used for the body. New forms of marijuana can now be created in order to target the specific effects needed for the body. CBD can be isolated to minimize the high effect and still provide medical benefits due to certain conditions.

Can CBD Oil Get You High?

So, now we must understand if CBD oil can get you high. Essentially, no. CBD oil will not get you high because it has been created specifically to minimize the THC count in the product. THC is the stuff that makes you high when using marijuana. The CBD count is maximized and helps to prevent the high aspect but continues to help with the medical need.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a component of cannabis that is known as cannabinoids. THC, CBG, CBL and CBT are all cannabinoids found in cannabis. These are essentially the building blocks that create the chemical composition of the plant. The CBD component acts as a block to the THC activity in the brain. Because of the antagonist reaction, the physiological reaction from THC is blocked and therefore the high does not take place. However, your body will still react to the medical benefits of cannabis such as pain relief.

CBD Beneficial Effects

There are many beneficial effects to CBD that can assist in individuals feeling better based on a variety of ailments. CBD has been known to prevent the growth of cancer cells, treat psoriasis, and prevent the degeneration of the nervous system, plus aid in sleep needs. Seizures and convulsions can be reduced as well as muscle spasms suppressed.

CBD oil can assist in relieve anxiety as well as lessen psychosis issues. CBD oil can be used in a number of ways to treat a number of ailments. For many patients, the oil is purchased online via such providers as Americanhempoil.net as the sale of the product is not available in their area. If you suffer from ailments that CBD oil has been proven to help with, never hesitate to try the product to see if the medical benefits will assist you.