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Vaping for Beginners: Ways to Calm Your Coughing Down

What do most beginner vapers have in common? A persistent cough. If you’ve been heaving and gagging after a hit, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that more than half of novice vapers cough. But don’t be dismayed by the numbers. There are ways to calm your cough so you’re not deterred from the enjoyment of vaping and chosen e-juice.

It’s Probably Not the PG

PG or propylene glycol is used in many e-juices as well as a range of food and beverage products. Some may suggest that it’s the reason for your persistent cough, yet it’s not likely. There is no direct reason why most novices cough. However, the fact that most are ex-cigarette smokers inspires another theory.

Tons of Chemicals in Cigarettes

Cigarettes contain tons of chemicals and some may be responsible for numbing a smoker’s lung passageway so it’s easier to take down the smoke. Since e-juices are made of mostly natural, and in some cases allergy free ingredients, it may take the body some time to getting used to.

Change the Technique

Cigarette smokers draw the smoke from the filter into the lungs. As mentioned, the presence of chemicals probably coats and soothes the throat, warding off irritation. Some vapers switch their technique. Rather than pull the smoke straight into their lungs, they hold the smoke in their mouth for a bit. Vapers get to enjoy the flavor of their e-juice while simultaneously easing vapor into their lungs.

Know Your Devices

A novice vaper can be intimidated by the array of available devices. Along with an e-juice mixture, the type of device and setting dictates whether a vaper will cough. Advanced devices can deliver the vapor more powerfully and at a greater speed than inferior models. So, one’s device, setting, and choice of e-liquid requires strategy. Find just jam eliquid and other gourmet treats online.

You’re Bringing Cilia Back

Cilia are tiny hairs in one’s respiratory tract. When one stops smoking cigarettes, they experience a regrowth of cilia, which could be the reason for an ongoing cough. It’s hard to say if cilia regrowth is the sole reason when an ex-smoker is vaping at the same time.

Passive-Aggressive Nicotine

As stated, new vapers are sometimes also ex-cigarette smokers. While trying to get off of nicotine, a vaper may try a zero-nicotine juice mix. However, an ex-cigarette smoker quickly notices the lack of ‘punch’ that such a vape drag delivers. Therefore, some overcompensate, getting an e-juice mix high in nicotine content, thus delivering a wallop of a punch to the throat.

Drink More Water

E-juice ingredients tend to dehydrate the body, which could lead to a scratchy throat and cough. This is quickly corrected by drinking more water when vaping. Vegetable glycerin and PG attract water, which creates the huge clouds of smoke that those vaping blow out. If you’re not a big fan of drinking, cut up some fruit such as cantaloupe, mango, and strawberries to complement your vaping experience.